Easy Smart Car Unload (Gone Right?)

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Easy Smart Car Unload (Gone Right?)
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In todays video, we pull kens smart car out of the pool and load it into that back of our pick up to try an Easy Smart Car Unload like we've done in the past with our Easy Quad Unload. Except this time it goes right! kinda.. Later we completely rebuild our backyard pit bike track and CJ takes a hard fall. We still aren’t sure if his foot is going to be alright he is going to go in for x-rays tomorrow.
Runtime: 17:20


CboysTV - 4 måneder siden
Drop a like for CJ's foot
Sv2 Dragon king
Sv2 Dragon king - Måned siden
Level of the beloved Cancel alarm
lays wastaken
lays wastaken - 3 måneder siden
Whats the song called its says i got money in my mind
Erum Zehra
Erum Zehra - 3 måneder siden
Was it mr beast?
Dina Yi
Dina Yi - 3 måneder siden
@Flofels ររ៥៧៥
Rafael Gabriel
Rafael Gabriel - 3 måneder siden
Dá para mim
Charlie Meeks
Charlie Meeks - 4 dager siden
That was sick I know I’m 4 months late but you should do a fastest lap time of the track
Ryker - 12 dager siden
The way Ryan screams 😂
VANGE Nygaard
VANGE Nygaard - 17 dager siden
That was epic boys
Jesus Morfin
Jesus Morfin - 27 dager siden
i need a dirt bike
Spunkymonkey 746
Spunkymonkey 746 - 28 dager siden
wats the intro song called
ORB Virus
ORB Virus - 28 dager siden
Yo 1m let’s go boysss
Dallas Dezpot
Dallas Dezpot - Måned siden
Jake Scott
Jake Scott - Måned siden
Easy dozer unload next
Connor bmx
Connor bmx - Måned siden
I love you YouTube Channel
Sv2 Dragon king
Sv2 Dragon king - Måned siden
We love you Ariana video
Olivier Pépin
Olivier Pépin - Måned siden
Dude you guys need to put motocross boots that would’ve happened 🙄🙄
Payto - Måned siden
Look at kens face when he is making the platform
braden mullins
braden mullins - Måned siden
kens face lol
Krystina Allen
Krystina Allen - Måned siden
I would love for 10million
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen - Måned siden
Justas Lel
Justas Lel - Måned siden
Whats the songs name at 8:50?
Νικος Μυτακιδης
Νικος Μυτακιδης - 2 måneder siden
The f1 give me
Vicente Soto
Vicente Soto - 2 måneder siden
Ken hates that tree
Wevo Yeet
Wevo Yeet - 2 måneder siden
cant wait for you guys to hit 1 mil! keep up the grind!
Mason Drader
Mason Drader - 2 måneder siden
You guys gotta wear your boots on the inside of your pants
grayson cuddihey
grayson cuddihey - 2 måneder siden
I feel sorry for cj's foot
BSmitty Vids
BSmitty Vids - 2 måneder siden
You guys should hold a pit bike race I know it would give away the shop location but it would be awesome
merlyn White
merlyn White - 2 måneder siden
Get er dun
michael huss
michael huss - 2 måneder siden
That poor smart 451. Oof ...and then you beat it like a dead horse. Double oof.
I feel like this car is going to show up in a ASPCA commercial along with abused animals and depressing music. "In the arms of the angels, drive away~ from here." XD
Geoff Ball
Geoff Ball - 3 måneder siden
How can you dig to the moon the moon is upwards stooped
jshs jsnsn
jshs jsnsn - 3 måneder siden
I feel like ken has a little liberal in him...
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 3 måneder siden
Man I use to do this when I was younger we did same stuff but with xr50 or crf50 with big boy kits and bbr pipes lol brings back memories
Tee Verdin
Tee Verdin - 3 måneder siden
Is Braydon price
Micro Dex
Micro Dex - 3 måneder siden
I love the music you guys play good editing Micha sorry if I spell it wrong
thomas kimball
thomas kimball - 3 måneder siden
A million views and only 23k likes you guys are so under appreciated you guys make great content!!
Royal Galaxy
Royal Galaxy - 3 måneder siden
You need someone that would do all your insane ideas but be the dude on the inside with the gopro. Been watching you guys alot lately and you guys are funny as hell. I showed your channel and a few videos to my family and friends and they kept saying that this is what you need to be doing and they could use your crazy @ss lol so hear I am. Let me know I'm a super chill dude I'll Cruz to yall or yall Cruz to me whichever works. If not it's cool I dont think this is even a possibility but yall keep doing what your doing its awesome and keep on shredding
Ryan Hickey
Ryan Hickey - 3 måneder siden
Who is excited for snowmobiling
Brady Rossborough
Brady Rossborough - 3 måneder siden
Ken does not like that tree
Αλεξανδρος Κορδας
What an idiot
TSProBot 13
TSProBot 13 - 3 måneder siden
Yo I think they mean top soil not clay
DazeNT - 3 måneder siden
that's why he got hurt for not having motocross boots
dsa 123
dsa 123 - 3 måneder siden
اول سعودي
Robyyroman - 3 måneder siden
Tristan Simon
Tristan Simon - 3 måneder siden
Intro was fire
Henry Erickson
Henry Erickson - 3 måneder siden
Powerstrokes are red,
Cummins are blue,
Duramax are slow and they break down too
Tor Andre Aspnes
Tor Andre Aspnes - 3 måneder siden
Good joke ceej but its completly TRUE
Ryan D
Ryan D - 3 måneder siden
What song is that
Forengen - 4 måneder siden
i love how Ken is more involved in the videoes right now!
mechanic gaming
mechanic gaming - 4 måneder siden
was it broken?
AutoBez313 - 4 måneder siden
Put it in Rice 🚗 🚘
Larry Rooker
Larry Rooker - 4 måneder siden
Yo I love your videos
Forrest King
Forrest King - 4 måneder siden
That’s not a cliff ... that’s a bump
Alexandre Santos
Alexandre Santos - 4 måneder siden
Smart is horible brand
Jayshil Gopaul
Jayshil Gopaul - 4 måneder siden
You are a waster of money .
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Em Hendricks
Em Hendricks - 4 måneder siden
ok but what’s the song at the beginning called?
Ashley K
Ashley K - 4 måneder siden
What the name of the song
Ferid Paşazade
Ferid Paşazade - 4 måneder siden
Adamlar o kadar eziyet edib araba yapıyolar bu kadarda olmaz
N Shaddon
N Shaddon - 4 måneder siden
love your vidoes
Zernos - 4 måneder siden
Overskæ Over
Overskæ Over - 4 måneder siden
Z Z.
ETG DELO - 4 måneder siden
I love y’all my new favorite channel
Linus 007
Linus 007 - 4 måneder siden
Smart is Germany
Kai Stewart
Kai Stewart - 4 måneder siden
Make Cody apart of cboys.
Conner Wright
Conner Wright - 4 måneder siden
Yanking from the tow ball was giving me a lil anxiety
chris the boss
chris the boss - 4 måneder siden
If u put ya power with ur jump into the bike 2nd gear you can easily make it
Big G
Big G - 4 måneder siden
What’s the name of that one song the lyrics are riding rolling drink smoking....
Noah G
Noah G - 4 måneder siden
The first video i saw was the one with the smart car in the pool and I was like i need to subscribe
Ema Schino
Ema Schino - 4 måneder siden
Poor smart and CJ now he can t follow the deam train
Sorry i don t know english good sorry
Antanas slav
Antanas slav - 4 måneder siden
Put turbo in it 💥
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 4 måneder siden
That better not be one of my autobots
Audrey Frenchick
Audrey Frenchick - 4 måneder siden
weve done i lot if easy quad unloads 'a comple second later the smart car flying'
ttv landon ro
ttv landon ro - 4 måneder siden
Jessica Wilhelm
Jessica Wilhelm - 4 måneder siden
You should pu a rool cage in one then easy unload it with someone in it
komioka - 4 måneder siden
Aaaaaaaaaaah it so good
Sem vdG
Sem vdG - 4 måneder siden
6:00 song name?
Mehrnoush Kolahdoov
Mehrnoush Kolahdoov - 4 måneder siden
So when he drove the smart car in the pool and he ripped the pool that was about $40,000 mistake so that’s pretty stupid bro.
Blake Bernard
Blake Bernard - 4 måneder siden
Chance Roubidoux_Vlogs
Chance Roubidoux_Vlogs - 4 måneder siden
What's the song called
Guy Mitchell
Guy Mitchell - 4 måneder siden
What’s this song
JJ SO COOL 14 - 4 måneder siden
Like share and subscribe please
Jurius Gunner
Jurius Gunner - 4 måneder siden
Jace Moffitt
Jace Moffitt - 4 måneder siden
Sit down wen you jump the pit bike.
alex beau
alex beau - 4 måneder siden
This channel deserves way more popularity not because of the content but because of the sense of family when you watch their videos. Really good people here.
Nathan Flowers
Nathan Flowers - 4 måneder siden
The Hondas
Nathan Flowers
Nathan Flowers - 4 måneder siden
What Kind if pit bikes do y’all have??
Chase Tretter
Chase Tretter - 4 måneder siden

Christopher Bovat
Christopher Bovat - 4 måneder siden
Rip Cjs Foot
Ethan & Dylan Sabers
Ethan & Dylan Sabers - 4 måneder siden
can you guys put a link to the music because that music is great!!!!!!!!!!
mitch carlson
mitch carlson - 4 måneder siden
I do need a new car to get back and forth to work
Bruce Venter
Bruce Venter - 4 måneder siden
Me getting ready to go and watch a new cboys vid. “Vid title blowing up all the the smart cars.” Me that’s so fcking dumb still watches and ends vid.
Galaxy_Shot - 4 måneder siden
new Dany dunking!
2StrokeSmoke - 4 måneder siden
If only they made something you can put on your foot while riding a dirt bike to help protect it...
Jayce Larson
Jayce Larson - 4 måneder siden
You guys should take the motor out and make a go-kart out of it
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Oh he comes from a smart car is just the engine pretty much in the wheels
nostix - 4 måneder siden
Why is this in my recommended
jeff thompson
jeff thompson - 4 måneder siden
Ayden Hernandez
Ayden Hernandez - 4 måneder siden
Keep grinding
MIKE DRUMS - 4 måneder siden
Good content, video too shakey,, motion sick
cloud 9
cloud 9 - 4 måneder siden
It’s cool how none of their thumbnails are click bait, the videos is always just as cool as the thumbnail❌🧢
Gabe Post
Gabe Post - 4 måneder siden
No sympathy maybe y’all will start wearing dirt bike boots now.
Dylan Majors
Dylan Majors - 4 måneder siden
can i become a Cboy member here’s my resume i can ride a dirt bike and love doing dumb stuff
Jason Privette
Jason Privette - 4 måneder siden
Andres Verna
Andres Verna - 4 måneder siden
Song in beginning?
Bailey johnson
Bailey johnson - 4 måneder siden
What's that's song