Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice

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Driving my lifted Smart Car on thin ice and crashing it!
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Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice
In todays video, we finally get around to actually driving our lifted off road built Smart Car that we spent a month building. It was performing amazingly until CJ crashed it into a tree. We then spend the next hour or two fixing it and managed to get it roughly *Roughly* straight lol. We then take it to the frozen lake to test it on the thin ice and snowy conditions. We also take our Maverick X3 with Studded tires out on the thin ice and snow and go drifting too!
Runtime: 10:12


CboysTV - 2 måneder siden
Road to 1 million Subscribers!!! Thank you guys so much for 900k ❤️
alisha jahore
alisha jahore - Måned siden
Sudddddddddddddddd nowwwwwwwwwwwwww
Blake Carson
Blake Carson - Måned siden
When you guys hit a million subs you should have an open house at your place because I drive by it once in a while and kinda dying to meet you guys in person. Just an idea??
Нурзат Жекшеналиева
У чива машына курытайа
TONIO.S2K - 2 måneder siden
Hayabusa swap the smart car
mant do
mant do - 2 måneder siden
I wish I won bec I never win from anyone pls if I do can 7 get me a mini qyad
Preached Beast
Preached Beast - 3 dager siden
0:58 if you look out CJ’s window you can see the go cart that had the free sign
Edit: actually looking at it again they filmed this before that episode
Joe gumser
Joe gumser - 5 dager siden
Getting ready to do this myself. What size tire and what wheel offset did you guys go with
Jessie Haugland
Jessie Haugland - 8 dager siden
What is this song called
Tristin Epplwtt
Tristin Epplwtt - 8 dager siden
So did they hit a million before 2020?
Jacob Baldwin
Jacob Baldwin - 12 dager siden
What’s Ryan’s only fans link 😂
JUSTICE SKETCH WORLD - 18 dager siden
I want to build one
James Hickey
James Hickey - 22 dager siden
Great videos guys good work.
Congratulations on 1 million subscribers are you doing a video dedicated to it
David Given
David Given - 25 dager siden
Snow skis and tracks on the smart car
Tyler - 26 dager siden
The yellow uganda phylogenetically poke because need compellingly soak on a outrageous zephyr. staking, hypnotic harbor
Lax King
Lax King - 26 dager siden
What song is playing at the end of the video?
Ethan Ayres
Ethan Ayres - 27 dager siden
What’s that song called that goes I’ve been ridin rollin drinking smokin
Chase Vincent
Chase Vincent - 28 dager siden
What is this song you played in the end.
Mo_ Al Mulla 09
Mo_ Al Mulla 09 - 28 dager siden
plz you are the best people in the wold
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho - 28 dager siden
EVAN MARQUIS - 29 dager siden
9:00 What's that song called.
Gibson C
Gibson C - 22 dager siden
@EVAN MARQUIS Your welcome. :)
EVAN MARQUIS - 22 dager siden
@Gibson C thanks
Gibson C
Gibson C - 22 dager siden
Rollin' Justin Starling
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Looks like a small sherp lol
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11k to go
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water skip the smarty
Rico Lehiste
Rico Lehiste - Måned siden
8:46 whats this song called?
Hunter Winchester
Hunter Winchester - Måned siden
idk tag me if anyone posts it
Idk Idk
Idk Idk - Måned siden
What happed to the green monster car???
peanut 306
peanut 306 - Måned siden
Should put tracks and skis on it
Gregory Cain
Gregory Cain - Måned siden
These guys should have way over a million subs
Nick Caron
Nick Caron - Måned siden
Why do u guys not have any 2 strokes ?
Jacob Skiles
Jacob Skiles - Måned siden
Me and my buddy took a car and made it into a pickup once and drove it on a dirt bike drack
Drew Tooker
Drew Tooker - Måned siden
Have smartcar, will destroy it
Sean McDonough
Sean McDonough - Måned siden
i dont give a fuck about anything, including CHINA, right????
Marcus Ciochina
Marcus Ciochina - Måned siden
pro tip: weld the diff
JesseDaRat 23
JesseDaRat 23 - Måned siden
Man I love this so much it’s freaking awesome
STU BE - Måned siden
You have guys awesome stuff on YouTube i like action
loga4750 loga4750
loga4750 loga4750 - Måned siden
Dude drive the limo on the ice
Jakoby Odborník
Jakoby Odborník - Måned siden
I've just discovered you guys and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. You don't over hype it, you're not too cocky, overall nice vid, subscribing now.
adam zigulis
adam zigulis - Måned siden
i just found this channel and i love it. already watched a few vids and its great. one of the best channels i have seen so far and the content is great... kinda jealous of the shifter cart, something i have always wanted to do with the studded tires on ice
Joshua’s vlog
Joshua’s vlog - Måned siden
aye can u still make the only fans lol
Coda Appleyard
Coda Appleyard - Måned siden
this was uploaded on my birthday
AB_BOARDS_068 - Måned siden
Can I please have a smart car for my 17th birthday I’m two days
Dead Pool
Dead Pool - Måned siden
You got to put some tracks on one of those care like a snow bike look it up it is a thing
Matthew Heal
Matthew Heal - Måned siden
Something no-one ever considers, the weight of all that snow on the ice...
safwan haji
safwan haji - Måned siden
I need a quad bike 😩
Dalton Rodgers
Dalton Rodgers - Måned siden
By a Honda truck and just do stupid stuff to it like the smart cars
Recruit Rush
Recruit Rush - Måned siden
The smart car was like look I’m a Chevy
Micah Torrez
Micah Torrez - Måned siden
“That’s the wheels running” Nah g that’s the turbo flutter
Fatboi Fishing
Fatboi Fishing - Måned siden
Make the smart car into a mini sxs. Throw a driveshaft in the front and give er
Western Moto
Western Moto - Måned siden
Almost 1 mill boys
LinseTV - Måned siden
i justed looked up subaru drifting and ended up here. And recognizing this video from TIK TOK?
Tiffany Bennett
Tiffany Bennett - Måned siden
You shud go ice fishing
Amir Hameen
Amir Hameen - Måned siden
Every one gangster until the lifted smart car pull up😂
Lil Pranksters
Lil Pranksters - Måned siden
Then again your in the snow
Stephen M
Stephen M - Måned siden
I'd drive the shit out of that daily if it were 4x4 lol.
qtzqcvl-_- - Måned siden
LIMO ON ICE!?!?!?!
agsel agsel
agsel agsel - Måned siden
weld the diff
С The real sasha
С The real sasha - Måned siden
Greetings from Ukraine
Fire Guy
Fire Guy - Måned siden
madigabi 22
madigabi 22 - Måned siden
Can I get one of these for cheap ? && bring it to you guys for a lift ?
Joey Hinkens
Joey Hinkens - Måned siden
What song is that?
X1xmichaelx1X - Måned siden
What is the song played at 8:50 I can’t find it anywhere
作業員Y君 - Måned siden
car parkingでできそうw
Hunt Bee
Hunt Bee - Måned siden
Hi can you make a video of the comment and I am hunt bee
Scoopez - Måned siden
You know what's funny I did that same thing on a utv 3 days ago
Scoopez - Måned siden
Except I snapped the tie rod
Jaxson Schnarr
Jaxson Schnarr - Måned siden
I love this Channel
Jaxson Schnarr
Jaxson Schnarr - Måned siden
The smart car sounds better then cj’s car
THE REAL _CJ - Måned siden
Did it sound like that before did it growl before like that
Hayden Vanderheld
Hayden Vanderheld - Måned siden
dude what song is that in the end?
ahmad king
ahmad king - Måned siden
When they hit that log I LAUGHED MY ASSSSS OFFFFF
Ayden Muhs
Ayden Muhs - Måned siden
what the name of this song at the end
Preston McPhail
Preston McPhail - Måned siden
Can I please know the song in this video? The riden rollin drinking smoking one, anyone know it?
Tom Foley
Tom Foley - Måned siden
KXNG SJ - Måned siden
Can I have a shoutout plzz am a huge fam
JohnDick - Måned siden
on Thin ice what a joke morron
Daniel Mclendon
Daniel Mclendon - Måned siden
ATK Racing
ATK Racing - Måned siden
Weld the rear diff
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler - Måned siden
It deadset needs the diff welded
progamerlike2 - Måned siden
Upload a new video please
Duner250R - Måned siden
If you guys posted MORE you would have hit one million subscribers long time ago. I cant be the only one not subscribed waiting until one million to subscribe. Lol!
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Moppebil :(
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Me waiting for a new banger 👁👄👁
Omar Pena
Omar Pena - Måned siden
You guys should come to island park we have plenty of snow to ride
Gabe Schermerhorn
Gabe Schermerhorn - Måned siden
Ice is actually not that thin I live about 13 miles away it's about a foot of ice
trevor koprowicz
trevor koprowicz - Måned siden
Why do you guys have snap and Instagram if you dont respond. I ordered shit on black friday still dont have my merch ??? My bank refunded me for 220 us taxes. Winder what they did with the money.
gauge stephenson
gauge stephenson - Måned siden
These guys are awesome
BrodyWeber Vlogs
BrodyWeber Vlogs - Måned siden
See you in perham
Ian Bigelow
Ian Bigelow - Måned siden
Take CJ's car on the ice
Kobe _NWT
Kobe _NWT - Måned siden
Hello, my name is Kobe and I’m
16 I’ve been looking for a Polaris Indy 1992 600 tripled or 2 years . I found one in Truman, mn but I live in Canada and I don’t have enough money to get it here. I was thinking maybe you guys can help me out. If you want more info my insta is kobe.dfwu
,love the content btw been watching for a longggg time
taylor fitchett
taylor fitchett - 2 måneder siden
Y have y'all not updated a vid yet best youtubers and funnest youtubers out there love u guys ps cj face when he hit the log though
R&J Squad
R&J Squad - 2 måneder siden
can we calab ?
Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson - 2 måneder siden
Wow that’s wow wow wow
Woody Ortiz
Woody Ortiz - 2 måneder siden
A One licuar mi Like en serio
Owen Liedtke
Owen Liedtke - 2 måneder siden
When the new video
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson - 2 måneder siden
can you start the snowmobiling
Clayton Frazier
Clayton Frazier - 2 måneder siden
You need to get a banshee
Crunchy Granola
Crunchy Granola - 2 måneder siden
You guys should get rc cars for the track when it is not snowy.
محمد التركي
محمد التركي - 2 måneder siden
We want smart car VS can-am
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They're so close to 1mil

Here since 80k
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We wanna reach 1 million before the new year but wont post any new content
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Where Are the snowmobile videos.
Bartek Neumann
Bartek Neumann - 2 måneder siden
Can you drive with a law mower on the ice please.
I Subscribet and like
CALES 987 - 2 måneder siden
What song do you guys use?