Raptor with Studded Tires Breaks on Thin Ice

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Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice
Maverick X3 on Thin Ice
Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice
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Raptor Breaks on Thin Ice!!
In todays video, we install tires studs on Ben Ford Raptor and take it out on the lake with thin ice. His Raptor breaks and we decide to pull the ice house out and do some ice fishing. Later we celebrate rolling over 1 million subscribers and CJ and Ken get new exhausts for their Snowmobiles from GGB!
Runtime: 18:01


CboysTV - 28 dager siden
Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at https://bspk.me/cboys and use promo code CBOYS20 at checkout!
Anneli Veerväli
Anneli Veerväli - 19 dager siden
How much money do you guy's want. Like atleast thank all the fan's you have.
Rodrigo Macedo
Rodrigo Macedo - 22 dager siden
Yall should buy golf carts and mess around good videos
Aaron Highfield
Aaron Highfield - 23 dager siden
Hi Cboys I was just wondering what size your life wide open hat is because I’m looking To get one is it one size fits all I’m 15 and was just wondering?
honda rancher and lawn mower channel
go to wis lin deasel]
Jonathan Swinford
Jonathan Swinford - 25 dager siden
Hi I'm watching this a second time what happened to tiny Mike lasaskie guy bring him back
Cash Laudenslager
Cash Laudenslager - 23 timer siden
Ofc it is the Chevy pulling out the Ford hahaah
nemo nemo
nemo nemo - Dag siden
chevy is beter
GasMaskHQ - 4 dager siden
That error messaged happen yo my 2020 ford ranger and it turned off all traction control and assistants. It was a loose wire then needed reconnected properly. Took ford 2 months to find the issue.
Crazy Maddie May
Crazy Maddie May - 5 dager siden
i think the raptor is doing that because maybe one of the studs flew off and either got jammed somewhere are cut a wire.
ArcticFrost - 5 dager siden
If you don’t know how to *bold* your words your silly
Matthew DiDomenico
Matthew DiDomenico - 6 dager siden
brooooooo i love yall boys, but you cant be swtiching over to 4 high when your going 40.
John Carpenter
John Carpenter - 6 dager siden
Congrats on hitting 1 mil
Dan Schmidt
Dan Schmidt - 7 dager siden
what is the song called when they hit 1 mill on the screen
and good work cboys you give fire content
Connor Hynes
Connor Hynes - 7 dager siden
Lucky a "stud" didnt get a brake line. invest in a block and tackle. Raptors are cool but arent great for the application.
Lonnie Smith
Lonnie Smith - 7 dager siden
Congrats on 1,000,000 subs guys it has truly Ben a asomeeeeeee experience watching you guys seince under 100k and to see my favorite group of small town boys rise up once again congratulations don't party to hard
Capuid - 8 dager siden
Congrats on 1 mil, been watching since the start!!!
Undead Volt
Undead Volt - 11 dager siden
The best 1M celebration ever
Justin Treadgold
Justin Treadgold - 11 dager siden
Anyone else wondering why he’s wearing a seatbelt on ice?
OWEN HILLUKKA - 11 dager siden
I did not no 2feet of ice is thin I like 👍 the video
OWEN HILLUKKA - 11 dager siden
It is not thin ice it is thick ice
kevin hudson
kevin hudson - 13 dager siden
ford raptors are pieces of shit at towing and driving in the snow
Blue The focus
Blue The focus - 14 dager siden
Yo on a serious note, how much would you sell that raptor for?
davis young
davis young - 14 dager siden
Why haven’t u bine uploading
Bros Numeral Dos
Bros Numeral Dos - 17 dager siden
I like how Ken says he dose not know how to change his oil when its a 2-stroke so you just add more
D3an 1
D3an 1 - 17 dager siden
ItS nOt ThIn IcE
Merle Reyburn
Merle Reyburn - 17 dager siden
you should get ram trx
Farming and Stuff
Farming and Stuff - 18 dager siden
I love how you keep titleing your videos on thin ice
Riley Maj
Riley Maj - 18 dager siden
Your driving my dream car like this and its somehow really funny
By the way CONGRATS ON 1M!
Chad Pattie
Chad Pattie - 19 dager siden
Congrats much love from alaska
Lenora Harland
Lenora Harland - 19 dager siden
when does the give a way end
Austin Flippen
Austin Flippen - 19 dager siden
Been subbed since 250k love y’all
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell - 20 dager siden
One mill the boys are growing
Matthew Houle
Matthew Houle - 20 dager siden
Should have Bought a Chevy
David Ontiveros
David Ontiveros - 21 dag siden
This channel is badass congrats Cboys🔥
Ian Mann is
Ian Mann is - 21 dag siden
you probably destroyed the front driveshaft... not really fords fault you did slam the undercarriage into a bank
YEEETyonk - 21 dag siden
I don’t have social media does anybody have any idea why they’re not posting on YouTube.
Shane Lambe
Shane Lambe - 21 dag siden
You cannot shift a truck into 4wd at 45 mph for fuck sakes you need to be stopped
Devon Carroll
Devon Carroll - 21 dag siden
A machine with reverse would be nice 👍 please and thank you 🙏 praying I win the 600
Christian Buckwalter
Christian Buckwalter - 21 dag siden
Big congrats on a million boys!! Been here for a couple years so proud!
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez - 21 dag siden
jack - 21 dag siden
You said that the ice is 10 inches thick
ell _ieut
ell _ieut - 21 dag siden
Dream life
Brande Bigham
Brande Bigham - 21 dag siden
Put studs on the Durmax and take it on the ice
Soybean Beanson
Soybean Beanson - 21 dag siden
Can you guys do a snowmachine video if you aren’t doing one right now, I’ve watched all your old ones already and need more engine therapy
malcolm sinclair
malcolm sinclair - 21 dag siden
1M holy shit
Ayden Almeida
Ayden Almeida - 22 dager siden
Fuck ya boys congrats on one mill
Dylan Wolff
Dylan Wolff - 22 dager siden
Ads are all by Ford and you dissed them in this video because you got stuck twice lol
Dylan Wolff
Dylan Wolff - 22 dager siden
Cool video to many ads
RmkFilmz - 22 dager siden
They will be at 1.5 mil subs by 4th of July
Rod Tyler
Rod Tyler - 22 dager siden
congrats on 1 million subscribers boys love your vids and i always look forward to those monday vids cause there always a good way to start the week!!!
Beasty 24
Beasty 24 - 22 dager siden
Congratulations 1 mill
Amanda Juliano
Amanda Juliano - 22 dager siden
Hey CJ I have a question for you
When did you get Ryan’s quad and what model bc my dads YFZ450 special edition got stolen around the same time as you guys got the quad and it looks exactly the same
GDZ Berk
GDZ Berk - 22 dager siden
Let’s goooooo! The 1 mil has finally come!
Daniel LaPonsie
Daniel LaPonsie - 22 dager siden
Yall need to go on a snowmobile trip!!!
Casey Mabry
Casey Mabry - 22 dager siden
Holy shit I’ve been here since 10k
Matt Simmers
Matt Simmers - 22 dager siden
We get the Thin Ice part
Dane Gasser
Dane Gasser - 22 dager siden
They should bring tiny out in the snow
Noah McGregor
Noah McGregor - 22 dager siden
What is the Rodin rolling drinking smoking song
Tyler Morong
Tyler Morong - 22 dager siden
Congrats on 1M
Wantlesssquid 68
Wantlesssquid 68 - 22 dager siden
Congrats boys! This is probably the first 1M I've genuinely been excited for.
Fadi Sayed
Fadi Sayed - 22 dager siden
‏My brothers, can you support my channel, please, I need your help🙏👍
Cook Fest
Cook Fest - 22 dager siden
The roasted morning extracellularly remind because pentagon intraspecifically remove apud a paltry attic. disagreeable, curved gate
VANGE Nygaard
VANGE Nygaard - 22 dager siden
What happens to tiny?
michael lombardi
michael lombardi - 22 dager siden
Congrats Guys!!
Parker Strunk
Parker Strunk - 22 dager siden
Why haven’t u uploaded in a week ? Is there something big coming
AJ Games
AJ Games - 22 dager siden
Dare you to give me a quad
Brandon Block
Brandon Block - 22 dager siden
No ones bought the dmax yet? haha
James Vickery
James Vickery - 23 dager siden
Simply put, you can't fix stupid.
Nates fire wood
Nates fire wood - 23 dager siden
I love your videos but I tried to buy merch but you jus refunded us
Logan Oldenburg
Logan Oldenburg - 23 dager siden
Congrats on the 1 M! Hopefully I’ll see you guys at haydays again
Yeets Beam
Yeets Beam - 23 dager siden
Trey George
Trey George - 23 dager siden
Great job on hitting 1 million
Hudson Allen
Hudson Allen - 23 dager siden
Congrats! Been watching y’all forever. My favorite YouTubers by far.
BMW Gang
BMW Gang - 23 dager siden
You you want to go into four-wheel-drive you have to go into neutral then go to four-wheel-drive then drop it to reversed then drop to drive in order to be correctly done
Clayton Cardwell
Clayton Cardwell - 23 dager siden
Congratulations on the 1 m boys
Ryan - 23 dager siden
Modern trucks are just
Lukas Schuh
Lukas Schuh - 23 dager siden
Congrats I’ve been subscribed since like 200k
Bo Slappey
Bo Slappey - 23 dager siden
Well putting it in 4wd while moving we break something
Cayden Poitras
Cayden Poitras - 23 dager siden
Wittle wapter
RILEY Hoy - 23 dager siden
1 mil less go
Joshua Kinsey
Joshua Kinsey - 23 dager siden
I just don’t have the money
Joshua Kinsey
Joshua Kinsey - 23 dager siden
CBOYS I love you and it’s my dream to have a snowmobile and I which all you vids what do I have to do please
Hendri Oosthuizen
Hendri Oosthuizen - 23 dager siden
Jo guys .. i just wanna say congrats ons 1 mil guys ive been wacthing for a long time like since collage house dude
jacob wild
jacob wild - 23 dager siden
Transfer case said bye bye
Duck Master 789
Duck Master 789 - 23 dager siden
I like your raptor
Laura Joy
Laura Joy - 23 dager siden
Hey i live in South Carolina and i was wondering if you would like a golf cart to just do what you want with - i just got a SxS and i dont need it anymore, so i was wondering if you would take it or if you don't need it. No charge.
Btw this isn't a piece of junk that im just giving away - it works well and i was seeing if you could use it.
DatNoob - 23 dager siden
Jake Hipson
Jake Hipson - 23 dager siden
You should add a 6" lift kit onto that truck
RIFF RACING TEAM 3 - 23 dager siden
Have the resonator removed on the raptor it’s sounds way better
Oufreud#1 - 23 dager siden
Ya'll should do a calab with Zac Lucarz... Its one of his biggest dreams.... Come on BOYS!!
Blake Silbernick
Blake Silbernick - 23 dager siden
It’s already Tuesday
Truck Life
Truck Life - 23 dager siden
Literally why I came back to this vid to see if any one else comment this
Blake Silbernick
Blake Silbernick - 23 dager siden
Where is the new video
Truck Life
Truck Life - 23 dager siden
Literally why I came back to this vid to see if any one else comment this
Quinten Gjerde
Quinten Gjerde - 23 dager siden
Damn I started watching at around 350K so crazy to see how far yall have come even since then
John Stivers
John Stivers - 23 dager siden
Gimme 1 day n ill get myself a spot on the cboys team, bikes, cars, quads you name it ill ride AND I can fix em 😉
Fasooly -_- XX
Fasooly -_- XX - 23 dager siden
Congrats on 1M boys! Its been a long time coming and I seriously respect yalls grind!
Nikita Poncho
Nikita Poncho - 24 dager siden
Wheres Ryan
Zac Connell
Zac Connell - 24 dager siden
U guys should get a car left for the 1m and should do give away to Australia I been sub from 100 subs and no give away to Australia
Lost Luv
Lost Luv - 24 dager siden
He needs to get a trex instead or the raptor
Bash Dash
Bash Dash - 24 dager siden
1m 🙌👏
Tegan Daniels
Tegan Daniels - 24 dager siden
make a vid with banging
Brody Munger
Brody Munger - 24 dager siden
Man who else thought of so many memories when they drove by the old shop
Jarod Boen
Jarod Boen - 24 dager siden
mn boys???? come up to the north shore!!! you idiots do rock thO!!!
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 - 24 dager siden
Nice vids
Ronaldo Hall
Ronaldo Hall - 24 dager siden
I'm apart this million 😇💯🔥🦍