Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice

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Riding Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike with studded tires on frozen lake.
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Shifter Kart with Studded Tires on ice
Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice
Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice
In todays video, we head back out on the frozen lake to test out our studded shifter kart tires on the perfectly smooth glare ice! Our friend Evan comes along too and brings his dirt bike with ice tires as well. We brought our quads out with studded tires to the lake too! The shifter kart performed amazing and we were able to drive with a ton of control and drift too! It was so fun being able to have such a smooth area to drive full speed. Evan was able to rip some insane wheelies with his dirt bike on the ice too! Later CJ and Micah give us the race we have all been waiting for between CJ's Mitsubishi Evo and Micah's Subaru WRX STI!!
Runtime: 15:35


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tracey young
tracey young - 5 dager siden
@Swampy Sends ĺpp
Mason Hicks
Mason Hicks - 13 dager siden
Where do you guys live for it to be so cold
SWAT team gaming
SWAT team gaming - 19 dager siden
DUFFBOYZ - 29 dager siden
where do you get the shifter karts from?
jaimeromero petazeta
jaimeromero petazeta - Måned siden
how did u buy that kart and whats the name of the model. hoy many cc. Did u add some parts from the stock kart? haha its awesome !!
wailingguitar 49
wailingguitar 49 - Dag siden
what i wouldn't do to see them fall through the ice
Rick Prusak
Rick Prusak - Dag siden
Hey dude - what's that cracking sound? I thought you said that the ice is really thick for this kind of thing. Crack - Crack - Woosh.
ElderlyDyl - 2 dager siden
what state this in
Fabian Falsten
Fabian Falsten - 3 dager siden
plzz adopt me
Даниил Окунев
Даниил Окунев - 3 dager siden
Кто русский сюда
Camii Suhr
Camii Suhr - 4 dager siden
Mxiiizrdngbfh. 3. 30jährige, aber das war ein paar Tage, lgülkzzuj5. Das wird sich die Frage, ob die Möglichkeit 9999 ich nicht mehr, da
TUIKEL - 5 dager siden
7:49 my 25 years on earth in one clip
Pro-gamer Stuart
Pro-gamer Stuart - 5 dager siden
Guy on the dirt bike has some balls
Etuini lavaki
Etuini lavaki - 5 dager siden
4:10 the mosquito in the middle of the night
Chowim Gutierrez
Chowim Gutierrez - 5 dager siden
I was playing drifting Tokyo on my mind 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🙏
Chowim Gutierrez
Chowim Gutierrez - 5 dager siden
First time on the channel and love it fucking rights!! 😍😎😎👌👌
WhoMan Idk
WhoMan Idk - 6 dager siden
Anyone else think Murph should have been in this video.
caden suderman
caden suderman - 6 dager siden
That looks like so much fun
Andrew Raab
Andrew Raab - 6 dager siden
the first guy on the shifter kart had his shoes on the wrong feet triggered me!
D'Andre Allan
D'Andre Allan - 7 dager siden
I just subscribed
Grey - 8 dager siden
What do the studs do?
bankss btw
bankss btw - 8 dager siden
Evan is an insane dirtbike rider. I want to drive like that one day
Dustin Allenby
Dustin Allenby - 11 dager siden
My guys, how do yall afford to so this stuff? I'm genuinely curios. I need to be your friend lol
Cameron Murphy
Cameron Murphy - 12 dager siden
Clutch slipped hard when he shifted into second in the evo you can hear it
Heath Miller
Heath Miller - 12 dager siden
Subaru versus mustang
Unknown user
Unknown user - 12 dager siden
When your friend says he knows a shortcut
RG TV Adventures & More
RG TV Adventures & More - 12 dager siden
Didn't shift high enough & not fast enough
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly - 14 dager siden
ken sucks
ENOC GANG - 15 dager siden
Joe Brady
Joe Brady - 18 dager siden
Evan is insane for the way he just rode in the first part 🤣🤣
richard bakanen
richard bakanen - 20 dager siden
The wistful multi-hop currently enjoy because occupation arthroscopically remain unlike a eight reminder. lovely, lavish jewel
Daniel M
Daniel M - 20 dager siden
6:31 that is a crazy trick.... 😯😯
Dustin Read
Dustin Read - 20 dager siden
Me and my buddies trying to come ride yalls pit bike track were out of red wing mn
Trevor Allison
Trevor Allison - 20 dager siden
1:35 that man is a legend
Jeff Frith-Smith
Jeff Frith-Smith - 23 dager siden
I like trump yer the best I ride dirt bike I subscribe to ever video my names jayden
Tina Woods
Tina Woods - 24 dager siden
Your friend Evan is good at dirtbike riding so am I Roman
Shift - 25 dager siden
This is one of the best Cboys videos of all time. Lets see the Cboys set up a course on the lake and race both shifter karts.
Trxyslays Xz
Trxyslays Xz - 25 dager siden
There all ripin
Brandon Hendershott
Brandon Hendershott - 26 dager siden
Ken had a bad day stal after stal
Brandon Hendershott
Brandon Hendershott - 26 dager siden
Even is a badass
Brandon Hendershott
Brandon Hendershott - 26 dager siden
Even is a badass
Brandon Hendershott
Brandon Hendershott - 26 dager siden
It s not thine ice though
Matthew Voth
Matthew Voth - 27 dager siden
I smell clutch
Jason Bowie
Jason Bowie - 27 dager siden
Haha stalls it 5 times walks away haha
Sean Castle
Sean Castle - 27 dager siden
1:40 in the video dang
Ethan Chiles
Ethan Chiles - 27 dager siden
Clutch be like 💀
B Eck
B Eck - 28 dager siden
Evan should join cboystv
Mathieu Tech Moto
Mathieu Tech Moto - 28 dager siden
Awesome !
Schmody The Schmodster79
Schmody The Schmodster79 - 28 dager siden
Literally the dream life
Fishing With Eddie
Fishing With Eddie - 28 dager siden
Imagine trying to ice fish on you to see a bunch of guys on dirt bikes and go carts drifting on the f***ing ice
Panda Bear
Panda Bear - 29 dager siden
What are those studded tires that you guys got for the dirt bike? The $750 ones
James Mroczka
James Mroczka - 29 dager siden
What year is that wrx?
brennan messmer
brennan messmer - 29 dager siden
ok but this just reminded me of something WHERE AARE THE CBOY GFs
Jeroen Alles
Jeroen Alles - 29 dager siden
THAT SOUND FROM 1:35... 2 stroke full throttle... just amazing wauw
Geordie Mickey
Geordie Mickey - 29 dager siden
999k subs!! Nearly 1mill!!
gabr4110 gabr4110
gabr4110 gabr4110 - 29 dager siden
Evan man how do you do those wheelies
Mr. Cold
Mr. Cold - Måned siden
I smell clutch
MrScrimbo1 - Måned siden
I was happy when the scoob won 🙂
Amadej Erjavec
Amadej Erjavec - Måned siden
That guy in a cross bike is the best
Pasi Annala
Pasi Annala - Måned siden
Aihe hieno mutta te pilaatte aina saatanan huonolla kuvaamisella kaiken. Ei tommosta tärisevää roiskimista viitsi katsoa kun idiootit. Ei jatkoon !
David Redman
David Redman - Måned siden
Who is gonna make it 1k down thumbs??
asakashigure - Måned siden
So he's the dude they use for the live capture models for trials
Thom Pellerin
Thom Pellerin - Måned siden
Ngl, the thumbnail got me... tought it was Nyjah
boosted_ 135i
boosted_ 135i - Måned siden
I wanna race the evo and wrx
David Jessee
David Jessee - Måned siden
I cannot believe the grip on that dirt bike
Nathan Parker
Nathan Parker - Måned siden
GTA Kids: Dang bro nice Kuruma!
Stacey Temple
Stacey Temple - Måned siden
Kristine Bamblett
Kristine Bamblett - Måned siden
Hi I have dirtbikes
Trae Bamblett
Trae Bamblett - Måned siden
Brittany Marvin
Brittany Marvin - Måned siden
I love dirt bikes
SM FISHING - Måned siden
Just hold rev limit and dump the clutch
yeasonwhat - Måned siden
Dude is nasty
Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew Mackenzie - Måned siden
That dirtbike on the ice is super impressive 👏 like dam how? Lol awesome video
jackson clark
jackson clark - Måned siden
This looked like Mario kart irl 😂
Almost Oem Auto
Almost Oem Auto - Måned siden
Took him to gapplebees
Stikbot Films
Stikbot Films - Måned siden
I would drive a gas powered golf cart with a v12 engine
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister - Måned siden
Gonna need a clutch before all that power.
Kamzito - Måned siden
The fish must've been scared shitless
Magnimus 04
Magnimus 04 - Måned siden
oh you have no snow yet in december... Bruh we in january and still have no snow only rain and soooooo cold
Jort - Måned siden
This is making me chaloua
Pandacat 666
Pandacat 666 - Måned siden
1:40min O_o i honestly dropped my jaw. and that happens like once a year! this guy is fearless. holy crap. how did he now break through the ice with titanium balls this big?!
WhoTheFuckIsAnyOfYou - Måned siden
i have never seen someone drive an evo that slow but at least he didn't fuck his clutch and gears like the wrx 😂
BrokeCarFan - Måned siden
Lake: heheheee just little more, a little morrre
Paddy H.
Paddy H. - Måned siden
Nice shots, looks like so much fun!
I also liked that kind of different content in one video.
Keep staying, greeting from Germany.
tedious walker
tedious walker - Måned siden
so its a manual go kart wow
GMG YT - Måned siden
Who else cringing at the STI launched
Bassam Alemara
Bassam Alemara - Måned siden
Men that is so cool 😎
Rosen Todorov
Rosen Todorov - Måned siden
I wanna try that !!!
Trevon Huntley
Trevon Huntley - Måned siden
when I saw that evo and subi line up I had to rip tf out my vape
Darkethereal Gaming
Darkethereal Gaming - Måned siden
CJ so Humble - Good on him - Not a sore loser
k savage
k savage - Måned siden
How tf do u wheelie on ice this guy has true talent
Corey Williams
Corey Williams - Måned siden
Ben Gormont
Ben Gormont - Måned siden
5:27 how do you develop the confidence to do that😄
Mariandy Guerrero
Mariandy Guerrero - Måned siden
Éste video no me gusta
Davis Bridges
Davis Bridges - Måned siden
Why am I just finding this, this is dope asf
Tyler Cagle
Tyler Cagle - Måned siden
Dude... cj’s clutch was getting roasted that whole time and he kept going... 😭 also the 5 speed in that wrx is prob gonna go bye bye if you keep launching 😂 but great video
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
You definitely have the face of a guy that hasn't ever tried to drop the clutch to win the panties. And if you have, I think it would be safe to assume the panties you were trying to win were off a 400lb whale. But the car is pretty dope!
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
Oh MY GOD !! When Evan laid it down because he wats trying to get as low as he could on his turn and slide away on his feet!!! Oh My GOD!! FREAKIN BAD ASS!! YeetYeet!
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
Dude, You guys! This Video was the reason I SUBSCRIBED!! So FREAKIN SICK!!
Dawson Kallio
Dawson Kallio - Måned siden
9:05 that’s how my pitbike is
Răzvan Gheorghe
Răzvan Gheorghe - Måned siden
Omggg gg brooooo
RS7JR - Måned siden
1:39 I don't live anywhere near ice so maybe I'm just out of the loop but this looked absolutely, insanely incredible.
Toasted' Nugget_'
Toasted' Nugget_' - 5 dager siden
Yeah i wanna try a go kart
Benjamin Bellows Davis (STUDENT)
pov: 3:42 the mosquito in your room at 3 am
Project Typhonz
Project Typhonz - Måned siden
fiirst video ever watched of them and i must say i like that they get straight to the video