Smart Car Jump Over Pool (Fail)

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Smart Car tries jumping over pool and doesn’t make it!
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we strap our dirt bikes to the roof of our limo and go for a cruise. Later we set up a pool in between our biggest jump in our backyard dirt bike track and to jump a smart car over! But first we have to get the drift sleeves off of Kens Smart Car so we do some drifts and a huge burnout! Before the jump we take the smart car out on our professional closed track and take it off a couple jumps! Finally the pool is filled and Micah takes the jump but doesn’t have enough speed!
Runtime: 18:46


CboysTV - 4 måneder siden
hmmmm what to do with the Smart Cars next...
Crypz on Claw.
Crypz on Claw. - 11 timer siden
hey guys I have a good Idea why don't you guys straight pipe the truck with a 5 inch tube plsssssss its only like 4k to straight pipe it
Pickle - Måned siden
make it submarine
Jake Chapman
Jake Chapman - Måned siden
Fucking send it
Saif Almeheiri
Saif Almeheiri - Måned siden
Ali Doi
Ali Doi - Måned siden
HAYDEN CHAUVIN - 11 timer siden
Flame thrower
DailyDoseOfShit - 18 timer siden
i am norsk
Ross Espo
Ross Espo - Dag siden
13:38 words of ben, "so big its like a Harley"
hagen falk
hagen falk - 3 dager siden
I think Ken can rail the berms best in the smart car.(no offense boys)
Alfie Mcculloch
Alfie Mcculloch - 6 dager siden
you should jump with the moter like that but then above a big car
Alex Delormier
Alex Delormier - 6 dager siden
We’re not rich we just have 5 rzrs 4 out bike 10 dirt bikes 2 goat carts. 10 skidoos yeah we’re not rich😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jake Pysz
Jake Pysz - 7 dager siden
Tried to get a smudge off my screen realized its on there lense, not suprised not mad either
LouDog 8426
LouDog 8426 - 14 dager siden
they didn't beat WhistlinDiesels record of 3 minuets on destroying the smart cars
Saeeda Wahied
Saeeda Wahied - 15 dager siden
Thomas Jacobs
Thomas Jacobs - 26 dager siden
That was the weakest jump Iv ever seen
SPORT FN - 26 dager siden
that smart car sounds like a maverick x3
Ethan Ayres
Ethan Ayres - 27 dager siden
What’s that song called that goes I’ve been ridin rollin drinking smokin
Seth Knudsen
Seth Knudsen - Måned siden
i like your guys stuff but u use that same song in every video
Euro Shane
Euro Shane - Måned siden
Only needed to go 50 mph faster lol
Muhammed Nurullah Goksu
Muhammed Nurullah Goksu - Måned siden
Beau Richard
Beau Richard - Måned siden
do this again but jump over th smart car with dirtbike
Cianna Marsh
Cianna Marsh - Måned siden
What the heck
Gosh you guys are funny
gamer guy
gamer guy - Måned siden
I didn't say I hooked on the frame i said it's good to go 🤣🤣🤣
Declan Murphy
Declan Murphy - Måned siden
Randee Huff
Randee Huff - Måned siden
Jumping your truck over a pool
Holly Eldridge
Holly Eldridge - Måned siden
The chilly screwdriver findingsinitially disappear because ambulance unintentionally drip aside a silly hope. coherent, nippy mint
Chris Parker
Chris Parker - Måned siden
That was a pretty smart call to take the bikes off. They looked cool for a minute but if one of those fell off and hit a soccer mom Karen, it would be a nightmare of legal trouble.
Matei smîntancă
Matei smîntancă - Måned siden
16:36 battle field 4 feeling if u know the part :))
Risk Ahh
Risk Ahh - Måned siden
Crashed him into a tree
Porter Taillefer
Porter Taillefer - Måned siden
Sorry boys for bugging you in one of your videos
02SubaruWRX - Måned siden
It’s so painful trying to watch their videos. Watching a young spoiled clueless kid talk constantly is NOT entertaining. More action, less talk, ‘boys’
02SubaruWRX - Måned siden
The odds of that happening are actually pretty high. You’ll grow up one day, buddy
SHORTSTACK1234 12 - Måned siden
what was the song when they was crusin down the road with the Bikes on top of the limo
اخخ يا زينك
اخخ يا زينك - Måned siden
وش يقول ذا
dalya su öksüzoğlu
dalya su öksüzoğlu - Måned siden
dalya su öksüzoğlu
dalya su öksüzoğlu - Måned siden
Outside The Limits
Outside The Limits - Måned siden
What's the song they used for the limo drive
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz - Måned siden
no idiot lambo with nos on ice
Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson - Måned siden
What is the song called at the end of this video???
ciobotaru gamer
ciobotaru gamer - Måned siden
abonațivă la ciobotaru gamer pls
Richgriljermiya Vlon
Richgriljermiya Vlon - 2 måneder siden
Look at kens face. It was way 2 funny
Mohammed XR
Mohammed XR - 2 måneder siden
والله مدري وش يقول
Octavian Mihai Ionescu
Octavian Mihai Ionescu - 2 måneder siden
Elijah Kibukevich
Elijah Kibukevich - 2 måneder siden
When they use fantasy island theme song, it makes the video so much more badass
Dwan Billette
Dwan Billette - 2 måneder siden
Cody and ken on supper Mario login
kody k
kody k - 2 måneder siden
Oh shit it's Kody with a K was uppp
HUFFMAN 313 - 2 måneder siden
if they fall off and hit someone, get ready to call your lawyer
Davin Moore
Davin Moore - 2 måneder siden
Can I have a smart car?
Roxroy Clarke
Roxroy Clarke - 2 måneder siden
Please fix it back
Just A Gamer
Just A Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Wow u did not be this nice to benging that is why he left 😂
orhanxtyt - 2 måneder siden
WOW you crazy HAHA
Kamil Sitko
Kamil Sitko - 2 måneder siden
For the jump
Benson Tuckey
Benson Tuckey - 2 måneder siden
Lilzuux - 2 måneder siden
What’s the song 2:36
Dark - 2 måneder siden
why dont you jump the limo
eduardo mira duart
eduardo mira duart - 2 måneder siden
He das stupit
D and B games
D and B games - 2 måneder siden
Yeah I might have been drunk when I said 40 feet
The The
The The - 2 måneder siden
Give me 1000 billion dollars
Pixel-Ben 5300
Pixel-Ben 5300 - 2 måneder siden
My name is ben
#G59 SPENCER Laska
#G59 SPENCER Laska - 2 måneder siden
And if they were smoking. Why the hell do you care they are over 21 why do you think they drink. And if you finna say something stupid don't cuz u dumb if you do. It's there life
Lebron James
Lebron James - 2 måneder siden
How did they think they would clear it
مصممم الفريدي
مصممم الفريدي - 2 måneder siden
اكو عرب في الفيديو 😂
mistakenidentity999 -
mistakenidentity999 - - 2 måneder siden
Im whatching the vid and timtok poped up saying they posted a new vid
Van reynolds155
Van reynolds155 - 2 måneder siden
Bruh its a dumb car now
The monkey
The monkey - 2 måneder siden
16:20 for the jump your welcome.
Faye C
Faye C - 2 måneder siden
Your sick guys
Bob Ward
Bob Ward - 2 måneder siden
cj is smart
Marcus M
Marcus M - 3 måneder siden
That pool was shallow 😂
Ashley Wyatt
Ashley Wyatt - 3 måneder siden
you should try to jump the smart car over 2 cars
UnHoly Pogger Gamer
UnHoly Pogger Gamer - 3 måneder siden
I love how these guys are verified and Braydon price isn't and he's almost to 1 million subs lol
Nelsen Stevens
Nelsen Stevens - 3 måneder siden
Turn the limo in to a monster truck
Decklan Shorting
Decklan Shorting - 3 måneder siden
I need to know what the song is called when they left the shop to go to the c store I’ve been trying everything I just need the title and artist
Kids and Cars International
Kids and Cars International - 3 måneder siden
Nice boy's
claudio teixeira
claudio teixeira - 3 måneder siden
👏👏👏👏stunt boys!
trki77 ,
trki77 , - 3 måneder siden
لعنكم.الله ياكفره
Daniel Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz - 3 måneder siden
take a smart car mudding
Atv Can-am
Atv Can-am - 3 måneder siden
DrakeDracoDragon89 - 3 måneder siden
Needed more of a running start
DrakeDracoDragon89 - 3 måneder siden
You should put decals on the entirety of the limo
Thunderacer 130
Thunderacer 130 - 3 måneder siden
0:38 it's not necessarily made for carrying stuff. nah they just say that. XD 😂
TAMIM ALI TAMIM ALBITAR - 3 måneder siden
dameg smart car prank
ZAKERY NELSEN - 3 måneder siden
thats something you do you are toxic
saramc32 - 3 måneder siden
I’m 10 and love hotrod
꧁Gnarxi꧂ - 3 måneder siden
Did you guys vote trump or biden?
SAVA LARANJA - 3 måneder siden
sei la como vim para aqui...
Jude B
Jude B - 3 måneder siden
What is the song at 2:51
سعد القحطاني
سعد القحطاني - 3 måneder siden
منورين قناة أطلق الرشاش
CW 23
CW 23 - 3 måneder siden
Why use Ken’s lol his was the best
cortez reyes
cortez reyes - 3 måneder siden
Comet times
gaec.bucher gaec.bucher
gaec.bucher gaec.bucher - 3 måneder siden
blanca barreto
blanca barreto - 3 måneder siden
Joel Felix
Joel Felix - 3 måneder siden
Andy's channel !!!!
Andy's channel !!!! - 3 måneder siden
I was like wtf when he said is is only $3500 because he did a burn out in the roof
Max Hrinko
Max Hrinko - 3 måneder siden
Тут лиш я понімаю Українську і руску
vanesa gomez
vanesa gomez - 3 måneder siden
Perrito a ir a un bosque y destrozó y meter al esmar en un lago profundo
فهد 25 25
فهد 25 25 - 3 måneder siden
Cheater purxy
Cheater purxy - 3 måneder siden
Miska Plays
Miska Plays - 3 måneder siden
sam marrs
sam marrs - 3 måneder siden
That's not a very smart car is it😂😂😂
SUPERBEE 1978 - 3 måneder siden
I’m just wondering why the die a mini burn out on the maybe super exspenciv limo and it’s WHITE
SUPERBEE 1978 - 3 måneder siden
سايس -/Siass
سايس -/Siass - 3 måneder siden
والله من كثر الفلوس
Inaiara Antunes
Inaiara Antunes - 3 måneder siden
Ter dinheiro ass deve ser mmuito bom kkkkkk
rian francisco de menesez
rian francisco de menesez - 3 måneder siden
سبحان الله
سبحان الله - 3 måneder siden