Snowmobile Water Skips Entire Lake!!

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Water Skipping my new snowmobile across the whole lake
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we pick up a water cross snowmobile off of Facebook Market place for $1,900. We take it out to a shallower spot in the lake to practice with it and it ends up sinking twice! After getting all the water out of the motor (Twice, it was hydrolocked both times) CJ hops on it and water skips it around the whole lake! Later Ben rips his Ford Raptor in a near by sandpit and we take our Pit bike out and ride around too.
Runtime: 16:57


CboysTV - 3 måneder siden
800K!!!! Thank you boys so much 🤘🏻
Romance World
Romance World - 3 dager siden
3 months later, 1.2M
Spoiled Ketchup18
Spoiled Ketchup18 - 21 dag siden
Now mil
justin mackedanz
justin mackedanz - Måned siden
I live within a 1/2 hr of you Guys let me if you want to come out and ride sleds on the water some time .... there are 8 of us who do this on the weekends all out on the water at the same time .
Hollie Billings
Hollie Billings - Måned siden
Ryks Gaming
Ryks Gaming - Måned siden
now the road to 1 mil!!!
Liam Joyce
Liam Joyce - 4 timer siden
that was friggin dopeeeee
Chak&Stak - 7 timer siden
He must of felt so cool in the moment lol anybody would and what kind of motor is in that I need one
Kole Messersmith
Kole Messersmith - Dag siden
Does anyone know the song at 7:00?!?
gus mcgowan
gus mcgowan - Dag siden
I want a snowmobile now
Chandler Klassy
Chandler Klassy - Dag siden
love u guys congrats on 800k subs
647x387 #-#
647x387 #-# - 2 dager siden
Micah is my favourite cause that’s my name!!
Romance World
Romance World - 3 dager siden
that’s a 2500$ in CAD bud, wtf
Rudy Parks
Rudy Parks - 3 dager siden
You guys should do athother video with this snowmobile
Lucas Hamalainen
Lucas Hamalainen - 4 dager siden
Good thing it was an artic cat if it sank because artic cat is shit
Billy Sirl
Billy Sirl - 4 dager siden
Cheese Eater #134
Cheese Eater #134 - 5 dager siden
That’s bad ass she pretty smooth on water That’s living for u send it 💯💪🏿
Tommy Rose
Tommy Rose - 5 dager siden
Finally bought a good sled
Whitelistqd - 6 dager siden
My boy cj could get any girl he wants doing that holy
Erik Michalsen
Erik Michalsen - 6 dager siden
You guys scared away all of the fish for the evening fishermen! :(
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia - 6 dager siden
Cj’s back must be hurting
Kishan Shah
Kishan Shah - 7 dager siden
CJ for the W
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson - 8 dager siden
You should make a sticker that says cmon ken get in there
REDNECK. tv - 8 dager siden
What you came to see👍
Aaron Mayernik
Aaron Mayernik - 9 dager siden
As Greystillplays would say: "Maximum Yeet." This man has showed us the powa behind a full powered yeet.
Roger Dou
Roger Dou - 9 dager siden
Shu up guy's
Gavin Prime
Gavin Prime - 9 dager siden
Good old f series
bantoner - 10 dager siden
Forgot to blur the plates
Cooper Heckwine
Cooper Heckwine - 10 dager siden
You know I figured the cboys weren’t really political people but Ben had a I voted sticker on. And I know they didn’t vote for Biden. Respect📈📈📈
Brian T
Brian T - 11 dager siden
Colton King
Colton King - 11 dager siden
What is the song at 13:24
Brent Amy
Brent Amy - 11 dager siden
CJ sends it
Brandon Stratton
Brandon Stratton - 12 dager siden
Rad yoo
Fe4rkx15 - 12 dager siden
Yes 1m
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly - 13 dager siden
please answer me this what kind of camera chin mount do you fitted to that 509 helmet ive been looking for one for mine
rjc862003 - 13 dager siden
color me impressed thats a long time at wide open at a lot of load and it didn't melt down thats fucking impressive for a artic cat
Bigg Baller44
Bigg Baller44 - 14 dager siden
Spoiled rich shits
bash bro1
bash bro1 - 15 dager siden
How the f is he so casual riding it across a lake
XXXRAYDEN - 16 dager siden
Yo you’re welcome for the snowmobile hit me up if you need anything else buddy
Alexander Pettersen
Alexander Pettersen - 16 dager siden
Bro its so funny that det caption says it skips the whole lake, and than det fakin, shit says dose it sink, lol
Tyson Seabrook
Tyson Seabrook - 17 dager siden
He’s got more weight than the other guys that’s why it worked so good. I own a water sled. It’s throttle control and proper weight distribution
PRESTON PETERSON - 17 dager siden
I did not see cj being the best water skipper
Duane Ross
Duane Ross - 18 dager siden
It's good to see young folks having a good time.
henkka Toivanen
henkka Toivanen - 18 dager siden
show us how its build!
Peter Garm 3rd
Peter Garm 3rd - 19 dager siden
My favorite line.. "let's pull it down.. we have the duramax"

😆 Ford shaming
Valek Shilling
Valek Shilling - 19 dager siden
It’s like washing your snowmobile but in the water. Instead of the garden hose
alec semrau
alec semrau - 19 dager siden
Us it a f5 f6 or f7
Daniel finney
Daniel finney - 20 dager siden
So my question is; do you need to tag the snowmobile as a boat?
De Cruzer
De Cruzer - 20 dager siden
They have put a snow Mobil on water a jet ski on the air what else
Justice Otto
Justice Otto - 21 dag siden
Rich kids with a camera ... i need money hahahah
William Tell
William Tell - 21 dag siden
i can't watch these idiots anymore, all you have to do is quit jackin around the throttle, you have to hold it steady, DOH! It's not for going slow!
Skipp Dunlap
Skipp Dunlap - 23 dager siden
Probably more fuel efficient than most jet skis lol
JD Hart
JD Hart - 23 dager siden
Real question here is , how many cboys to pull a watercross thing out of a lake?
Imsickinthehead - 23 dager siden
Swedish people be like: Vi gör det här varje år ju
K.I.D.S. - 24 dager siden
but can you jetski on land?
Melonman4234 - 24 dager siden
Easy way to drain em is to pull plugs, pull it over, throw plugs back in and send it, but having the crank and carb drains makes it nice lol
Melonman4234 - 24 dager siden
You can just skip your normal sleds lmao my lil 583 does no problem, idk why your 800's wouldn't 😂
Brian tel
Brian tel - 26 dager siden
I think it's time for a talon
Brian tel
Brian tel - 26 dager siden
Bring it to the crow river at lester Prarie and run the river we do it every year
JOHN MORGAN - 26 dager siden
It may as well have been a jet ski.... once you find the happy place on the throttle there is no reason you couldnt go untill u run out of fuel... get some pontunes then u could refuel and keep going lol
lukemarks92 - 27 dager siden
Didnt he break his foot like a month ago? Then just water skips over a lake haha
Carter Condrey
Carter Condrey - 28 dager siden
Fucking epic
thomas hendrickson
thomas hendrickson - 29 dager siden
This was awesome. I’m sure everyone on the lake got a kick out of this. 😂🤣
Samuel Ciapponi
Samuel Ciapponi - 29 dager siden
Good vid tho
Samuel Ciapponi
Samuel Ciapponi - 29 dager siden
My local lake is almost 300 feat deep in the deepest spot East image sinking it out there
David Given
David Given - 29 dager siden
Yo cut the exhaust off that raptor.
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell - Måned siden
Cj is by far better than anyone else on that sled. No one else should ride that sled.
Gunter The penguin
Gunter The penguin - Måned siden
I live in mn to
Luna lilor
Luna lilor - Måned siden
Oh so u guys were the ppl yelling outside on the lake
andr3630 andr3630
andr3630 andr3630 - Måned siden
Canada East
Canada East - Måned siden
It be nice if they actually showed the sled instead of having the camera on themselves the whole time who wants to see that
Miguel S
Miguel S - Måned siden
owen kowalewski
owen kowalewski - Måned siden
What Kind of dirt bike is that
YTJermaine - Måned siden
Who here when there at 990k
Caleb Shea
Caleb Shea - Måned siden
I like watching you boys Water skip
Reid Winton
Reid Winton - Måned siden
THAT WAS AWSOME!!!! that looks so fun!!!
Been The Boy
Been The Boy - Måned siden
I wonder that they do for a living for them to be able to do all this cause I would love to
Been The Boy
Been The Boy - Måned siden
@Curtis Vaden my aunt has a lake house like those but she doesn’t have a lot of money.
Curtis Vaden
Curtis Vaden - Måned siden
See those lake houses? Their parents have money.
Gregory Delozier
Gregory Delozier - Måned siden
You can't drive a snowmobile across water... Hold my beer LOL
Hayden G
Hayden G - Måned siden
Does anyone know the name of the song that’s played when Cj’s driving across the lake
Spyridon Baxevanis
Spyridon Baxevanis - Måned siden
Its crazy...I just discovered your channel and i like every video more than the previous one... You guys are so energetic and living your lifes in the fullest! Best wishes and greetings from Greece! Keep living the life dudes!
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
You drive like an 8 yr old too... YeetYeet!!
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
you look like an eight year-old on his first trike!! LOL!~!
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
its not that hard. start like 25 yards from watwer, enter water at full throttkle, fly accross the lake. PERIOD! YeetYeet!!
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
dude< you guys, the fact that he cant keep it smooth is an easy flag telling you that HE SHOULD NOT BE THE RIDER!!! YeetYeet!!
TRIPLE J THREAT - Måned siden
Geez what a beast
DJ WRAITH - Måned siden
DJ WRAITH - Måned siden
Otto Arvidsson
Otto Arvidsson - Måned siden
Imagine the engine blowing up halfway through the lake
Jack Kraft
Jack Kraft - Måned siden
You should really give it a run up on the grass and it would work way better for ya, like It won’t bounce up and down.
Bonnie Hart
Bonnie Hart - Måned siden
So amazing water skipping across the lake first try he got it he has so much talent good job CJ
Helpful 7
Helpful 7 - Måned siden
Praise and Glory goes to the Lord of hosts, praise and bowing does not go to a snow mobile
Dyllan Ackley
Dyllan Ackley - Måned siden
Unbelievable 🤘🏻
Ryder Nedelkovski
Ryder Nedelkovski - Måned siden
When she said that she is home alone
Offrode and hockey boys Bradley
I bet you can use it as a snowmobile!
James Mana
James Mana - Måned siden
Grrrrr8 videos If you get a chance check oil snowmobiles in Alaska on lakes and rivers.
rngcxrsedyt Lol
rngcxrsedyt Lol - Måned siden
do all arctic cat m8s have that
aaron perry
aaron perry - Måned siden
6:13 did u see the spark from the rocks
MinnBerett - Måned siden
T Sellers
T Sellers - Måned siden
Can you imagine that in snow
Charlie Bramich
Charlie Bramich - Måned siden
Bro just imagine cj pulled out a fishing rod and started fishing lmao
Brin Kee
Brin Kee - Måned siden
I know where there was a Doo440 at the bottom of Lake Winnipasakie. We used to shoot the water gap all the time. Heck I bet there are a pile of skis down there
HL CREATIONS - Måned siden
Trent Tedrick
Trent Tedrick - Måned siden
What kind and where did you get the light bar for the pitbikes
Austin Szympruch
Austin Szympruch - Måned siden
Can get a like on this comment
Austin Szympruch
Austin Szympruch - Måned siden
You guys are the best