Stranded in the Backcountry (Maverick X3 Buried)

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Maverick X3 gets buried in Deep snow on the Mountain.
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Stranded in the Backcountry (Maverick X3 Buried)
This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we take our maverick x3 on apache tracks out in the backcountry for some deep snow mountain riding. It was working amazingly until we got super stuck and broke a CV Axle.
Runtime: 15:10


CboysTV - 10 dager siden
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Bubba Fishing
Bubba Fishing - 7 dager siden
Put skis on the maverick
Landon Hopkins
Landon Hopkins - 8 dager siden
Now I want to see a truck on stacks
TREVOR THE RIPPER 288 - 8 dager siden
The go pro hero nine black looks so nice I just go one🔥
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705 RIPPERS - 8 dager siden
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Beau Garrity
Beau Garrity - 2 timer siden
Cboys should get the Maverick street legal
Bryan Shanahan
Bryan Shanahan - 2 dager siden
You should put skis on the front of the x3 and keep the rear tracks on
Ely Rogers
Ely Rogers - 2 dager siden
Bye big ken
Mason Manske
Mason Manske - 3 dager siden
Bye big ken
Fish Slayers
Fish Slayers - 3 dager siden
Bye big ken but that was one of the best sleeding videos I’ve seen sick boys keep it up 👍
Scrappy 59
Scrappy 59 - 3 dager siden
bye big ken
Adrian McFall
Adrian McFall - 4 dager siden
Sick nasty dudes. Love your channel.
Nolan Gillitzer
Nolan Gillitzer - 4 dager siden
Bye Big Ken
Mathew Voros
Mathew Voros - 4 dager siden
The tracks are on backwards
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker - 4 dager siden
You should get a Arctic cat 900 turbo
Brad Bergstad
Brad Bergstad - 4 dager siden
I will take your blue monosuit!
Zach Dekoning
Zach Dekoning - 5 dager siden
Song???? From intro
Keith Clayton
Keith Clayton - 5 dager siden
It would be so epic to hang out with y’all for a weekend!!! 🤘🇺🇸🦅
Dustin Coffey
Dustin Coffey - 5 dager siden
Bye Big Ken!!!
Creighton Tays gaming
Creighton Tays gaming - 5 dager siden
Its been 3 years since i snowboarded been kinda wanting to start again just kinda nervous about it still since my accident
Andrew King
Andrew King - 6 dager siden
Youtube is getting way too comfortable with these double no skip adds
Hunter Farrell
Hunter Farrell - 6 dager siden
does ken ride sleds?
Robin - 6 dager siden
Bye Big Ken
Devon Murray
Devon Murray - 6 dager siden
Why don’t you get a wide body kit so all snow don’t blow into your face or get a windshield 🤣
Marco Mazzuca
Marco Mazzuca - 6 dager siden
It is my birthday in the beginning of March can u Mabey start a giveaway for then
Mass Bass With Luke
Mass Bass With Luke - 6 dager siden
Is it just me or should they water-skip the maverick with tracks
Alexdude227 VLOGS Simion
Alexdude227 VLOGS Simion - 6 dager siden
Like new khaos for sale never abused
Cody Brown
Cody Brown - 6 dager siden
Bye Big Ken
Benjamin Holst
Benjamin Holst - 6 dager siden
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Andrew Ervans
Andrew Ervans - 6 dager siden
Big Ken
CDOG FARMS - 6 dager siden
bye big ken
Filip René Bajla
Filip René Bajla - 6 dager siden
Ben was doin the backflip like he was trying to sít on a couch
Kyle Areson
Kyle Areson - 6 dager siden
Nelk C boys collab???? That would be wild
Ty K
Ty K - 6 dager siden
Bye big ken
Archie Weaver
Archie Weaver - 7 dager siden
bye big ken
Austin Miller /gaming, cringes, and more
please tell me the beginning song
parker essex
parker essex - 7 dager siden
can you help me get a dirt bike
Timber Ridge Outdoors
Timber Ridge Outdoors - 7 dager siden
Sorry I’m late, but are you guys going to the Grover hill Climbs? I live right below where the hill climbs are hosted and was wondering if I could find you guys there and get a hat signed? 🤙🏻
Gavin Tremblett
Gavin Tremblett - 7 dager siden
my friend group is pretty much yous without having videos,
chase galles
chase galles - 7 dager siden
Bye big Ken
Raleigh Wells
Raleigh Wells - 7 dager siden
Where are you guys riding at I forgot where u guys said and I wanna head there myself with some buddy’s
Teun Paredis
Teun Paredis - 7 dager siden
2 months ago when u guys lifted the smartcar I asked when the lifted limo was coming and u guys said hmmmmmmm so r u guys planning on doing it
chevyfan1232012 - 7 dager siden
Looks like the fronts are backwards... I may be wrong tho.
Billy Bowles
Billy Bowles - 7 dager siden
I like the vids
TD3269 - 7 dager siden
Bye Big Ken!!
Troy Connolly
Troy Connolly - 7 dager siden
Did anyone else think that tiny snowblower is not the proper tool for a place that gets feet of snow at a time. Lol
Hudson Boyko
Hudson Boyko - 7 dager siden
She was buried looks good u guys are sick
Kaden Carter
Kaden Carter - 7 dager siden
You guys should buy your old RS1 RZR back The kid that won it is selling it to buy a Duramax diesel
Kovacxs - 7 dager siden
Imagine snowboarding and you see a snowmobile tank coming after you
Samuel Humphreys
Samuel Humphreys - 7 dager siden
Bye Big Ken
Spencer Flanery
Spencer Flanery - 7 dager siden
Your guys old RS1 is for sale on facebook marketplace
Jack Lundquist
Jack Lundquist - 7 dager siden
Bye big Ken
JPXC - 7 dager siden
The front tracks look backwards
Gordon705 - 7 dager siden
Bye big ken lol loved the video and all of the other videos y’all make
Frankie Waltman
Frankie Waltman - 7 dager siden
Is it ok if i can come and ride
Weston brown69
Weston brown69 - 7 dager siden
We did it bous been here since 400k were at 1mil 🥳🥳
Drew Dravis
Drew Dravis - 7 dager siden
aidan boyer is clapped
Aidan Boyer
Aidan Boyer - 7 dager siden
I get clapped
Wyatt Coursey
Wyatt Coursey - 7 dager siden
what is the song you used in the intro
Deadhead_710 - 7 dager siden
Bye big ken
Bart van Rijn
Bart van Rijn - 7 dager siden
Suprise ken with a quad
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith - 7 dager siden
Cboys u need a windshield in the mav
Mathias Stunts_
Mathias Stunts_ - 7 dager siden
sniff - 7 dager siden
Bye Big Ken
Louis Blakemore
Louis Blakemore - 7 dager siden
Cam Traynor
Cam Traynor - 8 dager siden
Why they trying to make videos like nelk
Romance World
Romance World - 8 dager siden
at 10:41 got me laughing 😂
amber hunter
amber hunter - 8 dager siden
This intro will murder your eardrums.
Ear drums r.i.p
Mike Mendez
Mike Mendez - 8 dager siden
Crazy to see how far you guys have come , love from Chicago boys !
Romance World
Romance World - 8 dager siden
i’m starting to get pissed off, make more vids man,
KEC Loops
KEC Loops - 8 dager siden
It would be so cool if you could give me a pit bike
Debra Peha
Debra Peha - 8 dager siden
That was awesome I had the best idea ever you guys should get a power wheels with a dirt bike motor in it.
Jared Weed
Jared Weed - 8 dager siden
Bye Bye Big Ken... for real get rid of him. Dude does nothing.
rokkettsworld - 8 dager siden
i just bought a hat to.DANG IT
Josh peterson
Josh peterson - 8 dager siden
bye big ken
Raccs - 8 dager siden
Im so upset, a bunch of my friends met you while you were down here but i didnt get to
Trey Wildes
Trey Wildes - 8 dager siden
Love it
c north
c north - 8 dager siden
Dude top speed at night is 55
4x4American - 8 dager siden
bye big ken lol what is that outro song?
Dylan Markus
Dylan Markus - 8 dager siden
Should of bought a Ford
Polaris 340 child
Polaris 340 child - 8 dager siden
Bye big ken’’
Brxken - 8 dager siden
Can u guy send merch to Canada
Reitz - 8 dager siden
What happened to CJ?
That Guy Kiah
That Guy Kiah - 8 dager siden
bye big ken
Craig Pennell
Craig Pennell - 8 dager siden
X3 rocks man!! More x3 footage!!
I have noticed the break alot. I just got 1 3 months ago!!
MAX-QC FISH - 8 dager siden
It was cool seeing you guys have fun with Skis it was different
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith - 8 dager siden
That is awesome you guys are the best. Cboys is the best channel out there.
nestocyl me
nestocyl me - 8 dager siden
Bye Big Ken😂😂
JOSH S - 8 dager siden
I have to say you boys have gotten really good over the years at the back country riding. Wish I could come to the rideout but it's on my birthday
rupton1001 - 8 dager siden
I worked at a Can-Am dealerships for a good minute and a lot of people had problems with cv axels bending front steering components ext when they would build mud rigs because of the dps. Since the dps is programmed to help turn no matter what sometimes when the mud would really be swolling the tires or in this case snow it would tell it to push so hard that it would bend. One guy unplugged all the power steering to be able to just blast through mud but it would be very hard to turn in any case besides that. i bet with your fame you could find someone to reprogram it for a better snow rig. beefed up aftermarket parts help to tho
Floyd Mills
Floyd Mills - 8 dager siden
And skip it with that arctic cat
Floyd Mills
Floyd Mills - 8 dager siden
You guys should set up one of your guys other sleds too
Brit.C98 TheSauceBossHockeyFreakAllTheWay
Song name ?
Landon Hopkins
Landon Hopkins - 8 dager siden
I want to see a truck now on tracks
Restivochris-stunts Restivo
Restivochris-stunts Restivo - 8 dager siden
Bye big ken
Restivochris-stunts Restivo
Restivochris-stunts Restivo - 8 dager siden
Those sleds are insane you guys ripppp
Gavin Cole
Gavin Cole - 8 dager siden
I just seen your guys truck at Norman's motors
Restivochris-stunts Restivo
Restivochris-stunts Restivo - 8 dager siden
What a killer video man I love it
Alec Smith
Alec Smith - 8 dager siden
put skis on the mav im curious if your not gonna need 4 wheel drive and the skis end up being nore helpful
MJ Outdoors
MJ Outdoors - 8 dager siden
Bye big ken
Keven Garcia
Keven Garcia - 8 dager siden
When are the raptor sleds coming? 😂
Silly Suhail
Silly Suhail - 8 dager siden
Enzo Ardovino
Enzo Ardovino - 8 dager siden
Bye big ken :(
mitch gonyea
mitch gonyea - 8 dager siden
big ken
Edvin Fagerström
Edvin Fagerström - 8 dager siden
Why are you guys don't have gkx helmet?