Testing $300 Amazon Pocket Rocket!! (It gets Destroyed)

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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Testing the $300 Amazon Gas powered Crotch Rocket's we bought off of Amazon!!
Testing $300 Amazon Pocket Rocket!! (It gets Destroyed)
In todays video, we carry on our Amazon Testing series with two brand new pocket rockets we ordered off Amazon. They were really small and pretty fun to ride too! After we try a new tik tok trend with our Limo and play a funny prank on Ken!
Runtime: 13:39


CboysTV - 3 måneder siden
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped at → https://manscaped.com/CBOYS
Your balls will thank you 😉
Benjamin Hargreaves
Benjamin Hargreaves - 24 dager siden
shut up
Cody Howard
Cody Howard - 3 måneder siden
Hey @CboysTV I sent a message on your all’s Facebook channel please get back with me you won’t regret it I promise
Dalton Bowles
Dalton Bowles - 3 måneder siden
Korben Clausen
Korben Clausen - 3 måneder siden
F.N.O.14 - 3 måneder siden
Hey guys I really need your help my dream is to have a dirt bike I’m 11 years old my family is struggling a lot and you guys make me happy I sound dumb I’m sorry I need your help pls :(
Simon Penaloza
Simon Penaloza - 10 dager siden
Is so sad how y’all destroy everything and me over here watching all your YouTube videos like sad because I can’t afford anything haha
This video sucks.Why buy the pocket rockets to destroy them? I actually was looking forward to watching this, and then it was just a sad case of retards destroying such cool bikes.
Brevyn Nash
Brevyn Nash - 20 dager siden
What song were they playing?
Adam Cook
Adam Cook - 23 dager siden
The skit 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mason Hinchley
Mason Hinchley - 24 dager siden
I saw that tiktok
Lucas Moore
Lucas Moore - 28 dager siden
What’s the link to pitbike lights
Kim Fechhelm
Kim Fechhelm - 29 dager siden
Any body watching when they have 1M.
Ps congrats
Mason Smith
Mason Smith - 29 dager siden
Hey what’s the name of that song you guys always play. The one when you guys are riding the pocket rockets
Troy Terrell
Troy Terrell - Måned siden
Could a 6.1 guy fit
Wyatt Champion
Wyatt Champion - Måned siden
I’d come have a wheely contest if I had a bike haha
Zuma - Måned siden
Brevyn Nash
Brevyn Nash - Måned siden
What is the song at the beginning
Josh Welch
Josh Welch - Måned siden
ben needs to be in the movies
Anthony Hildebrand
Anthony Hildebrand - Måned siden
You should bye a mini bike off of Amazon
Martin Mørken
Martin Mørken - Måned siden
Buy one to me insted off killing yors
Martin Mørken
Martin Mørken - Måned siden
Ramsey Carr
Ramsey Carr - Måned siden
ken welling cjs electrical thingy my 2021 the best year ever
brilam016 76
brilam016 76 - Måned siden
Song from ben kicking the boxes?
Zach Andersen
Zach Andersen - Måned siden
Amazon things don’t last a day what are you saying you ran over I with a truck and kept kicking it
Luis Escobar-Martinez
Luis Escobar-Martinez - Måned siden
I’ll give you 100 bucks for one
mathis bergeron
mathis bergeron - Måned siden
you guys should buy the older pocket bikes i used to have one they are way more faster and way more fun
Xachary Pratt
Xachary Pratt - Måned siden
Damn man wish they would give those bikes to kids that can't afford them there tearing them up anyway.
Y'all are great tho and funny af by the way
Александр Дроздов
Весело у вас ребята! 👍🤘
Bendix Almind
Bendix Almind - Måned siden
Can we get 1 million subscribers
emmanuel moise
emmanuel moise - 2 måneder siden
when I was a kid I wanted a pocket rocket and an airsoft gun I never got niether 🥺
Kristy Wells
Kristy Wells - 2 måneder siden
The sharp idea physiologically decay because cloakroom cellularly rinse forenenst a cloistered donald. panoramic, military bumper
DALIA ALI - 2 måneder siden
ولله انكمفله
Christian Hurlburt
Christian Hurlburt - 2 måneder siden
What kinda bike does the tic tok kid have 🤔
Patrick s.
Patrick s. - 2 måneder siden
Fährt er über das Pocken bike.... stupid, das hätte man noch an kleine verkaufen können anstatt es zu zerstören. Amerikas Intellekt =0
Elijah Huffines
Elijah Huffines - 2 måneder siden
At this point I think they are getting inspiration from bikes and beards no hate tho all love I love this channel and the content
Drew Goody
Drew Goody - 2 måneder siden
Lol ahhh young kids think they can wheelie
TehCodeBanana - 2 måneder siden
recuit this guy!
Brady Cleary
Brady Cleary - 2 måneder siden
I love u guys nohomeo
Christian Victor
Christian Victor - 2 måneder siden
Right after you get home 🏡 will get
Joshua Sklenka
Joshua Sklenka - 2 måneder siden
But an Apollo rfz 110 or 125
colton struckmeier
colton struckmeier - 2 måneder siden
That’s ad was clean
Firehawk - 2 måneder siden
Bro you could keep that pocket rocket to me I would’ve wanted it so bad
Baylan Maverick Legacy
Baylan Maverick Legacy - 2 måneder siden
off topic but if you just as much as crack the tap once on a fire extinguisher it will slowly lose all its pressure an be useless, buy it an keep it there not to be used twice.
LotsOfTHC - 2 måneder siden
ryan it sparked cause metal was on concrete
Itsjusta2v - 2 måneder siden
Sooo Mario kart 50cc class anyone
Hc 437
Hc 437 - 2 måneder siden
Why are they so slow I had one that was wayyy faster it was from the 80s though
Stevie-Rae Twist
Stevie-Rae Twist - 2 måneder siden
I got a t shirt from you guys and I can’t wait till it gets finally in
Thomas Bernier
Thomas Bernier - 2 måneder siden
Dude that add was helarious
ReVoLuTiOn N
ReVoLuTiOn N - 2 måneder siden
8:08 😭😭😭😭😭
Max Bashore
Max Bashore - 2 måneder siden
u should have a meet up then have every body in the that has one of those and like 100 fans riding down the streets lol
Wyatt Shafer
Wyatt Shafer - 2 måneder siden
Dumb stuff in the dark is back
Isaac Salazar
Isaac Salazar - 3 måneder siden
You should try a razor
Michele Pulver
Michele Pulver - 3 måneder siden
Make a new video this is so funny
ATV Media
ATV Media - 3 måneder siden
I honestly hate people like that soooo much, who just show up in the first place just to get clout
ATV Media
ATV Media - 3 måneder siden
This has got to be better then the actual manscaped ads
jake johnson
jake johnson - 3 måneder siden
You guys act tough but your the same kids me andy buddies laugh at! Tell your dad's thanks for there hard to get you to where you are!! You guys are weak!!!
Jayden Boyde
Jayden Boyde - 3 måneder siden
Jayden Boyde
Jayden Boyde - 3 måneder siden
If you lose I will beat you up
Atem Manyok
Atem Manyok - 3 måneder siden
Your should get a grom clone off of Amazon
30Graydon L
30Graydon L - 3 måneder siden
Wheels it
Challecombe Millar
Challecombe Millar - 3 måneder siden
Copying bikes n beards 🤭
SHYN zamora P,H
SHYN zamora P,H - 3 måneder siden
Nene Eck
Nene Eck - 3 måneder siden
Yo I see that bick under the chair
ReptilianFx trader
ReptilianFx trader - 3 måneder siden
can we win giveaway im from canada?
Brady Saint
Brady Saint - 3 måneder siden
What’s the song at 11:29?
Nathan Nelson
Nathan Nelson - 3 måneder siden
whens the new video for this week coming out
XTGAMER 2334 - 3 måneder siden
Yo I had a pocket rocket when I was 3 and got a street bike at 5
Keegan K
Keegan K - 3 måneder siden
When are u posting a new video
Jaime Jamieson
Jaime Jamieson - 3 måneder siden
can i whin the crf 110f
Zach popping
Zach popping - 3 måneder siden
I want a 125 dirt bike that's loud I live in wellsboro pa grand canyon
Justin Saurer
Justin Saurer - 3 måneder siden
hahahahaha this is sooooo much more funny to me cuz every time I drive by and see him at work ... I yell something super obnoxious and he has the same fucking look on his face ....
Royce Cramer The Gamer
Royce Cramer The Gamer - 3 måneder siden
you guys should come to Aitkin mn this winter
Brandon Holman
Brandon Holman - 3 måneder siden
When are you going to get a Nother peanut
Charlie Townsend
Charlie Townsend - 3 måneder siden
Dude cboys always got fire background songs😂
chase wyant-smith
chase wyant-smith - 3 måneder siden
When are you guys drawing or whatever for the pit bike
Jacob Dube
Jacob Dube - 3 måneder siden
you sood get a maverick x3
Jeff Mielke
Jeff Mielke - 3 måneder siden
End of the week and no videos to watch. You guys are so inconsistent. Why tell us you gonna do 2 videos a week. We lucky to get one a week.
UNC40pilot - 3 måneder siden
Does anyone on YouTube have an original idea anymore?
Mar Malcolm
Mar Malcolm - 3 måneder siden
You should do a 1\5 scale r c test with a rovan baja
bryce hall
bryce hall - 3 måneder siden
We’re is Ryan’s keep at ?
Arthur Pavlik
Arthur Pavlik - 3 måneder siden
Bro the in Washington I live here can y’all do like a meet all my friends so hyped and post a vid can y’all went sledding
redneck country boys
redneck country boys - 3 måneder siden
I want to come to one
redneck country boys
redneck country boys - 3 måneder siden
Are you doing more turf wars
Ethan Sarchenko
Ethan Sarchenko - 3 måneder siden
copy bikes and beards ​exact video idea 3 times in a row can't you come up with something creative and not take their whole idea and copy their thumbnail, and no credit was given. I understand once but after 3 times it's clear you saw it got views and completely ripped them off. this is sad.
Anastacia Bajenting
Anastacia Bajenting - 3 måneder siden
Amazing testing vedios keep on vlogging
Harry Watts
Harry Watts - 3 måneder siden
Blow them up with tanerite
Rylen Stacy
Rylen Stacy - 3 måneder siden
What camera do you guys use
Jesse Osmond
Jesse Osmond - 3 måneder siden
What time is the Merch drop
Tucker Evans
Tucker Evans - 3 måneder siden
PIT BIKES in the snow who’s with me
Aaron Penton
Aaron Penton - 3 måneder siden
Y anit y’all posting
Ryker Good
Ryker Good - 3 måneder siden
Can you guys make more videos
dirtbike Maniac
dirtbike Maniac - 3 måneder siden
What dose cboystv stand for
DopeBoi ENT
DopeBoi ENT - 3 måneder siden
Love yll CBoys but honestly u should really link up with Braydon Price and have him come out by yall n yall go out by him i think yall would have a great time n make a record video
Carter Baton
Carter Baton - 3 måneder siden
tell jack to come back to cboystv
Jock McDougall
Jock McDougall - 3 måneder siden
Can u do an og cboys vid and just ride ur dirt bikes and do wheelies and stuff
wallace badur
wallace badur - 3 måneder siden
is 300 doller nothing to you
Anders Hovdenes
Anders Hovdenes - 3 måneder siden
when you gonna get a shop car
Anders Hovdenes
Anders Hovdenes - 3 måneder siden
sorry cow
Joe Matthew
Joe Matthew - 3 måneder siden
Should buy Amazon proper dirt bike
Mark - 3 måneder siden
Hey Cboys I have a Nice idea. Put wheels on the snowmobile that could be amazing to see .

I ❤️ your channel.
JAXON HERRICK - 3 måneder siden
please upload more mondays and thursdays are the best
Jonathan Van niekerk
Jonathan Van niekerk - 3 måneder siden
Make more videos
ON1WHEEL - 3 måneder siden
bring back the tiktok kids
Rowan Wiens
Rowan Wiens - 3 måneder siden
what app do you guys use to edit your videos
Jared Davidson
Jared Davidson - 3 måneder siden
Brycer M
Brycer M - 3 måneder siden
I see yall in Spokane wa I'm from colville so I go to Spokane alot but it would be sick to meet up.