Testing $800 Amazon Quad!! (It gets Destroyed)

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Testing $800 Amazon Quad!! (It gets Destroyed)
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In todays video, we announce the winner of our Yamaha YFZ 450 giveaway. We get about 6 inches of snow and CJ goes drifting in his Smart Car. We get a new quad that we ordered off of amazon and do some serious testing with it. It was really strong actually and pretty fun to ride actually. Later we pull the jet ski out and our friend Zach delivers us a new custom refurbished table.
Runtime: 13:37


CboysTV - 4 måneder siden
Congrats on winning the YFZ 450 Eugene!
marwan ahmed
marwan ahmed - Måned siden
Congrats on the YFZ 450
Braydon hill
Braydon hill - Måned siden
I have that honda xpro dirtbike
David Francisco
David Francisco - Måned siden
David Francisco
David Francisco - 2 måneder siden
Wyatt Everything
Wyatt Everything - 3 måneder siden
Tobin Skaggs
Tobin Skaggs - 19 minutter siden
best cboy vid
kael's life
kael's life - 23 timer siden
I wish I had money for some merch
Gladis Tadeo
Gladis Tadeo - Dag siden
Hi can i pls get a quad giveaway ive been realy wanted a quad
Brady Stadler
Brady Stadler - Dag siden
Fishing with Carter
Fishing with Carter - Dag siden
Who here has-watched this vid so many times because it is so funny
Gabe Canada
Gabe Canada - 3 dager siden
Will u get me one of the four wheeler for my birthday thats coming up
Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody - 4 dager siden
What's a good powerful bike for a 6 ft 5 280 lb guy I'm talkin like 75 miles an hour
Charlie Stevens
Charlie Stevens - 4 dager siden
You should get the most expensive go kart
MailemlaShinglai MailemlaShinglai
In where you take ATV
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Young - 5 dager siden
You guys are literally pathetic
CboysTV - 4 dager siden
Hoosier Patriot
Hoosier Patriot - 5 dager siden
Why does it sound and look like atv off road fury
Hoosier Patriot
Hoosier Patriot - 5 dager siden
I’m buying one for my boys cuz this thing is tough
Marcus Butler
Marcus Butler - 7 dager siden
Vid of the day!!
John Couch
John Couch - 7 dager siden
Y'all are so lucky I would die to have that atv
Luis Negron
Luis Negron - 9 dager siden
Keep up the fun 😎
Jennifer Pagliaro
Jennifer Pagliaro - 9 dager siden
can yall post the link from amazon for this quad if ppl want to buy ? please
Colton Hughes
Colton Hughes - 10 dager siden
Where’s my 125cc Amazon car🚗 💀
Gala83films TaylorG
Gala83films TaylorG - 15 dager siden
Here i am wishing i had one for my kids and i 😅
r eee
r eee - 16 dager siden
Leon Rdw
Leon Rdw - 16 dager siden
What is bether Quad or Bike
Travis E
Travis E - 20 dager siden
Is that quad still operational?
Tzunami Nemo
Tzunami Nemo - 24 dager siden
What's the name of the quad
Wick .G.
Wick .G. - 24 dager siden
Richtige idioten sind das , das noch Leute die mögen ... kaufen und zerstören Gegenstände... verwöhnte gören sind das sowas finde ich nicht lustig 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😑
Randall 72
Randall 72 - 24 dager siden
I thought it was an electric car is sounded like a drift car off of Tokyo drift
Kxvify - 24 dager siden
Do you guys know what quad that is that they giveaway?
Mohammad Bzieh
Mohammad Bzieh - 25 dager siden
i need one 😢
Kxvify - 24 dager siden
Do you know what quad the one they giveaway is?
Trevor Engelke
Trevor Engelke - 25 dager siden
Kxvify - 24 dager siden
Do you know what quad the one they giveaway is?
Metal E.P
Metal E.P - 26 dager siden
Nice car dude🤣
Kxvify - 24 dager siden
Do you know what quad the one they giveaway the name of quad?
prathik - 26 dager siden
GMG YT - 28 dager siden
The fact I’ve seen a quad ghost ride it’s self then do donuts and take a jump on it’s own made my day 😂
Kxvify - 24 dager siden
Do you know what quad the one they giveaway the name of it?
Jasmann Dhaliwal
Jasmann Dhaliwal - 28 dager siden
these guys are idiots i love it
Brian phsyc
Brian phsyc - 28 dager siden
You probably earned more subscribers from this video. Take care of yourselves guys. leave the damage to the experiments lmao
Enis Smailhodžić
Enis Smailhodžić - 29 dager siden
Gluoani jedni daj te meni taj motor sta to radite.Samo ga lomite.😕😕😐😐
shawn outdoors
shawn outdoors - Måned siden
I had one of those
Niketh niketh
Niketh niketh - Måned siden
One bikegive me please
kim van broeck
kim van broeck - Måned siden
Retaerts and they have e own busines omg garage crappy
Robyn Holloway
Robyn Holloway - Måned siden
Jake Pysz
Jake Pysz - Måned siden
The hoonigans call peer pressure scumbagging
H A - Måned siden
That’s it I’m getting one to ride in my neighborhood
Farming boy
Farming boy - Måned siden
Just give it away
Tara Shoemaker
Tara Shoemaker - Måned siden
You guys should buy ryan that atv so when you guys ride pit bikes he doesn't just have to sit and watch
holywood767 - Måned siden
Making me wanna spend $800 lol
Mohammed Khaled
Mohammed Khaled - Måned siden
I want one plz
n12 09
n12 09 - Måned siden
Pls ❤❤❤
n12 09
n12 09 - Måned siden
Pls give me 4 raptor 90 In uae pls 🙏 pls pls pls
Maximiliano Caffarelli
Maximiliano Caffarelli - Måned siden
For real. That quad wasnt Bad at all
Kaleb Vasquez
Kaleb Vasquez - Måned siden
Where did u get it
vetryder - Måned siden
What make and model quad is that?
Michal Lesniak
Michal Lesniak - Måned siden
Me pls
Deion binns
Deion binns - Måned siden
I have an 800 dollar atv sadly
Ricardo Flores
Ricardo Flores - Måned siden
Is the quad good cause low key I want to buy it
EstebanGarage - Måned siden
October 20th was my birthday lol
Sv2 Dragon king
Sv2 Dragon king - Måned siden
I want not for real I don't like to make a
Nicholas Lenzini
Nicholas Lenzini - Måned siden
Yeah but it didn't get destroyed
The Bmoe sho
The Bmoe sho - Måned siden
Awesome video
WayneJordan - Måned siden
That was so sick when it drove itself some ghost got on and was like fuck yaaa
Dylan Abe
Dylan Abe - Måned siden
Wish you didn’t destroy the quad it was Ryan’s pit bike
Lala Figueroa
Lala Figueroa - Måned siden
I am a big fan of u guys may I have the 110 dirt bike
Jessica Sharp
Jessica Sharp - Måned siden
Josiah Raver
Josiah Raver - Måned siden
October 20is my birthday 🥳 just thot that was pretty cool
ATV Rider
ATV Rider - Måned siden
Ethan Phillips-St. Amour
Ethan Phillips-St. Amour - Måned siden
how do i get the quad
Antonio Badillo
Antonio Badillo - Måned siden
Maria Klimara
Maria Klimara - Måned siden
Where to buy such a quad bike?
Maria Klimara
Maria Klimara - Måned siden
But this quad bike at the beginning of the movie
Maria Klimara
Maria Klimara - Måned siden
I'm a boy on another con
Your Mum
Your Mum - Måned siden
Try to drift the limo
roger austin
roger austin - Måned siden
Weld the smart cars together into a limo chain of cars
Jalen Blanchard
Jalen Blanchard - Måned siden
Were could i get a cheap yfz 450 frm, does anyone know?
Phil Mahkraken
Phil Mahkraken - Måned siden
Overlanding=camping with a social media account
Dustin Naraskivitch
Dustin Naraskivitch - Måned siden
Can I have it plz
David Francisco
David Francisco - Måned siden
Hugo Davidsson
Hugo Davidsson - Måned siden
10:23 "AND ITS LIKE, yedededededededed"
Emir Sulemani
Emir Sulemani - Måned siden
Pls quad
Cj Ruiz
Cj Ruiz - Måned siden
This video deserved to be longer 😂
Cody Shover
Cody Shover - Måned siden
would love to win one. i don't ever win anything.
Taiba Haji
Taiba Haji - Måned siden
Hey man I have wanted a quad ever since I was a kid can you please give one away to me 😔 my Instagram is safwan001001
Tyler Barrier
Tyler Barrier - Måned siden
Hey i don’t have any money so I can’t buy any merch but my dad sold my moms quad and I would like if I could give her one for how good she has treated us but u proble won’t see this:/
Bull City
Bull City - Måned siden
So is it a $800 quad or a $1,000 quad + $1,000 shipping .....
Grayson Spurling
Grayson Spurling - Måned siden
8:53 hands down best part of the video😂
Cooper Mork
Cooper Mork - Måned siden
you could hook a sled behind it and ride on the sled
Saib Masic
Saib Masic - Måned siden
How much cc
Alexi Mayer
Alexi Mayer - Måned siden
When the quad Jumps into the pond, JuSt GoNnA sEnD iT
xd finSotku
xd finSotku - Måned siden
Amazon watcing this 👁👄👁
💧 💧
Xachary Pratt
Xachary Pratt - Måned siden
I get why people get upset tho lbvs some of us can never offord one of those. And y'all destroy one every other week if not every week lbvs
Definition of privileged:cboyz lbvs
Calum Collins
Calum Collins - Måned siden
Says in manual use half throttle
12 minutes later
Locks throttle
Joseph Beltran
Joseph Beltran - Måned siden
so that atv look solid
Jason Wiener
Jason Wiener - Måned siden
The often on system is for when my brother and sister try to ride it
Pro offroad
Pro offroad - Måned siden
The runaway quad lmfao
Lance Nygaard
Lance Nygaard - Måned siden
Dont support amazon.
nathan osoway
nathan osoway - Måned siden
Bradley Spencer
Bradley Spencer - Måned siden
who’s here on dec 31st like if u r
DARK Wolf - Måned siden
Please can I get a actual dirt bike that is a kid size for a 11 year old please I always wanted a dirt bike please
MOTO BOY 18 - Måned siden
Who thinks they should do a duo with Braydon price
Avery Owens
Avery Owens - Måned siden
that quad rips dude
Radim Čech
Radim Čech - Måned siden
you are restard CboysTV
Zealin Barden
Zealin Barden - Måned siden
Can you build Subaru Baja!?!?!?!?!?
Mohamed Achkaf
Mohamed Achkaf - Måned siden
Kevious jones
Kevious jones - Måned siden
Can I have that forweller
Woody Ortiz
Woody Ortiz - 2 måneder siden
A Lykke es de Dios que nos guíe en moro Work