Tracks on Maverick X3 in Snow!! (Already broken)

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Apache Tracks on Maverick X3 Rip until they break
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Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice
Maverick X3 on Thin Ice
Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice
Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice
Subaru WRX on Thin Ice
Raptor Breaks on Thin Ice!!
$11,000 Maverick Tracks Break in 15 minutes
In todays video, we install Can ams apache tracks on our Maverick X3 turbo rr. They absolutely rip in the snow through the ditches until breaking them 15 minutes later. Our friend Cullen from UpNorthOutdoors brings his Sherp to try breaking through thin ice and seeing if it can climb baack out again.
Runtime: 13:25


CboysTV - 21 dag siden
Gonna fix the Maverick and take it out to the mountains
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SaculSot - 14 dager siden
David Rubalcava
David Rubalcava - Dag siden
Ima say what everyone is thinking

Ryan your kinda dumb
Ronny Phi
Ronny Phi - 4 dager siden
what song is 2:35 ?
Brock Reber
Brock Reber - 6 dager siden
cj got the best snowmobile in the group
parker essex
parker essex - 7 dager siden
can you help me get a dirt bike
Scott Purchase
Scott Purchase - 9 dager siden
Bean is good lol bean is gay
ColdCanadian Man
ColdCanadian Man - 9 dager siden
Name of song 2:19 ?
Eli Ihamaki
Eli Ihamaki - 10 dager siden
3:15 was that a Honda snowmobile???
Jessie Haugland
Jessie Haugland - 10 dager siden
It is the Control arm
rjc862003 - 11 dager siden
dO nOt dRiVe oN hArD pAck
Shaun Somma
Shaun Somma - 11 dager siden
Man that looks like a party for sure!
fetiish636 - 11 dager siden
you guys must live way up north in mn.. i live in spring lake park.. wish i could drive my rzr in the ditch... or even drive out of my driveway lol
Simon Potter
Simon Potter - 12 dager siden
Where do they get there music???
Simon Potter
Simon Potter - 12 dager siden
Where do they get there music????
tanner lyon
tanner lyon - 13 dager siden
what’s this song tho
Matthew Kimpel
Matthew Kimpel - 13 dager siden
What's happening guys. I just wanted to say I came across your page, and cannot get enough of that Life Wide Open you guys are living man. Congrats on all your success, Best of luck to the future. You guys are something else haha. Going to be looking to see what comes next.
Wyatt Graves
Wyatt Graves - 14 dager siden
You guys do this for your job, and you are the only people I watch you should high key post more
Owen Liedtke
Owen Liedtke - 14 dager siden
When is the next video
Craig Pennell
Craig Pennell - 14 dager siden
Just started watching today. X3 are pretty bad a#@. Get the impression y'all are not a big fan of them?
Victor Larsen
Victor Larsen - 14 dager siden
Tracks on smart car🤔
Rylan Layne
Rylan Layne - 14 dager siden
Just like braydon price lmao lower control arm 🤣🤣😂🤣
Owen Gagnon
Owen Gagnon - 14 dager siden
Make more videos
Logan Magnuson
Logan Magnuson - 14 dager siden
Can wait for the next video some snowmobile content!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kaylee murillo
kaylee murillo - 14 dager siden
Add video
Keiton Bjork
Keiton Bjork - 14 dager siden
It sounds like a diesel truck
J B - 14 dager siden
I remember when I couldn’t ride 😂😂 you guys suck lol
blastproof_ pigeon
blastproof_ pigeon - 15 dager siden
Boys what happened to vids every thurs and fri
darius hammon
darius hammon - 15 dager siden
when are u guys going to vs the smart cars and the durmax
Aiden Sullivan
Aiden Sullivan - 15 dager siden
I got a good idea for the mini car put tracks on it!!!!!
Caswell Customs
Caswell Customs - 15 dager siden
When is tiny coming back and getting tracks?
Landongamer 1234
Landongamer 1234 - 15 dager siden
No video this week?
Austin Ross
Austin Ross - 15 dager siden
More snowmobile videos good job boys keep the vids coming
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker - 15 dager siden
Hits one million and forgets to make more videos..
Austin Mohr
Austin Mohr - 15 dager siden
These boys haven’t hit a Monday episode in soooo long
Gustaf Suwe
Gustaf Suwe - 15 dager siden
upload already...
XZNETT - 15 dager siden
It looks so much better
Juhaina Alzadjali
Juhaina Alzadjali - 15 dager siden
What are you working on you haven’t uploaded in a week
Riding With Bros
Riding With Bros - 15 dager siden
Just wanna say you deserve thee
Tyler H
Tyler H - 15 dager siden
Micah should be Micah mega man
Landen Ricklefs
Landen Ricklefs - 15 dager siden
I don't have a dirt bike but I love riding
Corrine Johnson
Corrine Johnson - 15 dager siden
You goes whole jump the mavrick
Henrik RT
Henrik RT - 16 dager siden
Dillon Palmer
Dillon Palmer - 16 dager siden
The same thing happened to braydon price it must be a weak spot
Jamie Kernel
Jamie Kernel - 16 dager siden
Ken: as long as it still looks slick👌🤣
High Octane
High Octane - 16 dager siden
why is this the music.......
High Octane
High Octane - 16 dager siden
dislike for the mumble rap. stop it.
AAG Warrior
AAG Warrior - 16 dager siden
That looks so much fun my uncle has a can am 4 seater
baby boomer
baby boomer - 16 dager siden
You hit a million congrats
Chris Negley
Chris Negley - 16 dager siden
Just curious if you guys are going to truth to what you started out with-ripping deep snow? Man I miss those videos.
VANGE Nygaard
VANGE Nygaard - 16 dager siden
When is the new video
imurdad .69
imurdad .69 - 16 dager siden
Ninja dog Ninja dog
Ninja dog Ninja dog - 16 dager siden
When will the merch come on sale?
Zac Gagnon
Zac Gagnon - 16 dager siden
I used to test those before pruduction for BRP. You get buried alive... wheels are way more fun 👌
Anthony Mack
Anthony Mack - 16 dager siden
Tracks on a wrx!!
Elijah Tuttle
Elijah Tuttle - 16 dager siden
bro when the sherp flew in i was like ooof that sucks
Blake Silbernick
Blake Silbernick - 16 dager siden
Are u Guys not doing videos on Monday???
Growing jordon
Growing jordon - 17 dager siden
trax on a maverick... come on lol
Conor Smith
Conor Smith - 17 dager siden
You pulled a Braydon Price and broke the control arm!! You should also collab with Braydon.
Young Syv
Young Syv - 17 dager siden
Does anyone know where they live because I I’m in the area and I want to see there places
TheMarkedOffGalaxy - 17 dager siden
I’m wondering if it would be better with skis in the front.. those tracks look like they needed tension no.. Thins still rad af. Lmao!
Tucker Johnson
Tucker Johnson - 17 dager siden
You guys are so awesome! I am always thinking when are they going to post again.
613 ATV
613 ATV - 17 dager siden
whats the song called that goes "it ain't that complicated"
Blake Silbernick
Blake Silbernick - 17 dager siden
When does the new video come out
Sebe Andrist
Sebe Andrist - 17 dager siden
When is your guys's giveaway again I can't wait any longer so excited
Christopher Green
Christopher Green - 17 dager siden
What up boys! I grew up in Perham, just found your page a week ago. I think I’ve just about binge watched every episode. Keep grinding!🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Kohl Fonda
Kohl Fonda - 17 dager siden
Anyone been wondering were the snowmobiling is at w these new units they have
Clean Machine Auto Detailing
Clean Machine Auto Detailing - 17 dager siden
Fist fight would have been better
Matthew Negreanu
Matthew Negreanu - 17 dager siden
Peyton Peterson
Peyton Peterson - 17 dager siden
sick videos
Matt Attack
Matt Attack - 17 dager siden
You guys honestly are living the dream !! Hard work pays off 🌽🔥
Outdoor Films
Outdoor Films - 17 dager siden
Where is Murphy
PRESTON PETERSON - 17 dager siden
the maverick is sick
PRESTON PETERSON - 17 dager siden
I love the maverick vids
Svvim - 17 dager siden
Im sitting here waiting for the next video. My school is cancel today
Devon Hohman
Devon Hohman - 17 dager siden
are we not going to discuss the water slide?????
Jesse Nyberg
Jesse Nyberg - 18 dager siden
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Wyatt Catlin
Wyatt Catlin - 18 dager siden
Well now that cant ride on the lake fo a wiyell
slxpperyy - 18 dager siden
Song name for the mAverick cinematics
Cole Hines
Cole Hines - 18 dager siden
Finally got 1 mil congrats
AJ LoDato
AJ LoDato - 18 dager siden
Does anyone know where they get their music? It’s always perfect.
Jed Werner
Jed Werner - 18 dager siden
I think it’s hilarious Braydon price just did this
Ryan Woodard
Ryan Woodard - 18 dager siden
I`ve tried to became like you guys but I can`t get a video out
Riley Maj
Riley Maj - 18 dager siden
5:57 how to toss a salad 101
Mark Yazzie
Mark Yazzie - 18 dager siden
Put the weed and beer away
joseph romasco
joseph romasco - 18 dager siden
I have the same coat a g-reg
Scott Purchase
Scott Purchase - 18 dager siden
All knowing little boy bean. Knows it all.
Lucas MaZer
Lucas MaZer - 18 dager siden
Get a windshield for the mav
Corrine Johnson
Corrine Johnson - 18 dager siden
Why cj
Parkour Outdoors
Parkour Outdoors - 18 dager siden
Plz bring the beanies back
Sam Shingler
Sam Shingler - 18 dager siden
Where can i get a blacked out helmet tee from!??? 😎😎😎 I am UK 🇬🇧 been watching you guys a lot recently, loving your videos! I’ll be making an order on the website very soon..... just want to know where i can get a tee??? 😛👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Amber Bays
Amber Bays - 18 dager siden
buy a work van and cut the tal pipe off and mak it a convertible
Carter Coil
Carter Coil - 19 dager siden
That’s crazy I’m a big subscriber and a big fan.
Kh4ii Kh4ïï
Kh4ii Kh4ïï - 19 dager siden
Congrats on 1 mill !!!
KM Cattle co.
KM Cattle co. - 19 dager siden
Turf wars 2021
Rowan Warmack
Rowan Warmack - 19 dager siden
Did Ken ever get his Cyber Truck cause I went and just scrolled and watched one of y’all’s older videos and it said that he purchased the CyberTruck and it didn’t seem to be like he was playing around like he didn’t get it
SaltyFishy YT
SaltyFishy YT - 19 dager siden
You should put those tracks on car or truck
Andy - 19 dager siden
The boys should re stock blankets
Brady Bright
Brady Bright - 19 dager siden
On thin ice
Sending it With stiles
Sending it With stiles - 19 dager siden
Y’all need to go visit sxsblogs
Juss Dripppz
Juss Dripppz - 19 dager siden
You should test the Tao Tao 125 cc pitbike😂
Today on the Farm
Today on the Farm - 19 dager siden
sherps should be called titanic , you think you cant sink them until you do