Utility Quad Gets Out of Control

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Utility Quad Gets Out of Control
This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, CJ pulls a drive through prank with Micah's Subaru. We test out our new Utility Quad a Polaris Scrambler. By doing some quad donuts on ice and some Quad Wheelies. We CJ and Micah pick up a new Shop Cat and we begin our build for a Honda 3 wheelers.
Runtime: 14:22


CboysTV - 7 dager siden
New Merch Drop is Live!!
JC 22
JC 22 - 4 dager siden
I built my YZ250 into a trike one of the coolest things I have ever done first one I did it on was a 70s Z50 Honda 3 speed 🤣
DA LAMMA - 5 dager siden
How do I win the Polaris? Can u pls give me a chance
Nicholas prell
Nicholas prell - 5 dager siden
Just copped
Monster killer
Monster killer - 5 dager siden
Broooo lunch box could be your Mascot
Will Porter
Will Porter - 6 dager siden
Hey I know this probably won’t happen but I was wondering if you guys could sign a 1 million hoodie that I already bought earlier today if I tell you the name and info I bought it under
Mixed Vids
Mixed Vids - 6 timer siden
Scramblers are the shit, ive had 2 brand new ones. Both a 850cc and a 1000cc and they performed very well!!
iiKandi Apples
iiKandi Apples - 12 timer siden
Kyle Griemsmann
Kyle Griemsmann - 19 timer siden
Put wheel spacers in the rear and it'll be a lot safer. From what I heard growing up it'll improve handling and performance.
andy proteau
andy proteau - Dag siden
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - Dag siden
Can I get enter
kristen ciborski
kristen ciborski - Dag siden
out of all the utility quads you picked a trash polaris
Michael Molitor
Michael Molitor - Dag siden
Get Yamaha enticers and vintage snowmobiles
Caleb Jefferson
Caleb Jefferson - Dag siden
Bruh i cant find the intro song and its 🔥🔥
Logan Perry
Logan Perry - Dag siden
Need to start getting peanuts again
Logan Perry
Logan Perry - Dag siden
The tricycle should be nicknamed Wally
Carson Begg
Carson Begg - Dag siden
He is so cute
Carson Begg
Carson Begg - Dag siden
❤️❤️ lunchbox
Logan Perry
Logan Perry - Dag siden
Been here since 600k
Bmx Bros 801
Bmx Bros 801 - Dag siden
Gta 5 irl
Bryce Eason
Bryce Eason - Dag siden
I wonder what they would to with a built can-am 1160 big bore with nos
Real Redneck_21
Real Redneck_21 - Dag siden
What kind of fourwheeler is that?
CHROME1NINJA - 2 dager siden
Tristin Prince
Tristin Prince - 2 dager siden
u guys should put tracks on the utility quad
Dany Bravo
Dany Bravo - 2 dager siden
Finally! Hope yall keep it lmao
SH Outdoors
SH Outdoors - 2 dager siden
Hope you know a scrambler isn’t a utility bike
Dylan Irv
Dylan Irv - 2 dager siden
I love Polaris sleds but they need some serious help with atvs and utvs. Style and reliability. It’s Suzuki for me
Andrew Maisch
Andrew Maisch - 2 dager siden
What cc is the wheeler
Michael Miller
Michael Miller - 2 dager siden
Why they discontinued the trike is because of rollover risk
millie dowling
millie dowling - 2 dager siden
Yo where you get that quad from bro
SpookyCereal - 2 dager siden
YraphZ 250
YraphZ 250 - 2 dager siden
The snowmobile is amazing. Win this gift is the better thinks of the world😍 I buy 1 hoodie and one caps😍
Cashboss08 - 2 dager siden
You guys are dumb

this is why I subscribed
stewart joy
stewart joy - 2 dager siden
That cat looks like my cat
TEN CENTS BOYS - 2 dager siden
SSI Stealth
SSI Stealth - 2 dager siden
That lady at the drive thru's reaction to CJ smashing the window was hilarious
That guy 16
That guy 16 - 3 dager siden
I have a black cat two
Teagan Jordan
Teagan Jordan - 3 dager siden
You guys gotta keep that cat as the cboys pet
Teagan Jordan
Teagan Jordan - 3 dager siden
In the shop
joshua palomaki
joshua palomaki - 3 dager siden
Shop Cat
Tanner Webb
Tanner Webb - 3 dager siden
What was the skidoo in the clip where you were looking for lunchbox
the deputy
the deputy - 3 dager siden
Scrambles aren't utility quads buddy 🤦‍♂️
Wild Willah
Wild Willah - 3 dager siden
When Mika goes to edit the video saying that CJ broke the window CJ how could you little fucker
Cummins 428
Cummins 428 - 3 dager siden
Just casually leaves glass for all the cars to runover
Cummins 428
Cummins 428 - 3 dager siden
Damn nvm they came thru at the end
Ray Eyth
Ray Eyth - 3 dager siden
Respect i had. Dude you shouldn't take a cat and stress it out and give it a possibly chance to get away from you. I'll let you in on a little advice, you can be the tough smart-ass all you want. But harming an animal that loves you and treating it horribly is pathetic. So you look at me so you can UNDERSTAND. When you have a visitor stop bye that is a true Hells Angel I fkn promise you that you'll be on your knees crying like a baby! Go ahead and laugh, since its not I that you need to fear. Dude you have no idea. I think you should apologize to the cat and your fans for being too stupid.
Braydan O'Connor
Braydan O'Connor - 3 dager siden
Man I’m sorry but do not ever give away a Polaris quad
Ian Whitmore
Ian Whitmore - 3 dager siden
I’m just here for Lunch box.
Jeremy T.
Jeremy T. - 3 dager siden
In Canada it is -40 and up and below but it is Getting warmer
Kms films
Kms films - 3 dager siden
Lunchbox merch!!!!!!!
Jackson Helms
Jackson Helms - 3 dager siden
Hey Cboys i’m about to order the combo pack and i was wondering if one or maybe all of you guys could sign the hoodie i watch all your guy’s videos and you guys are a huge asset to my everyday life
Dregan Olea
Dregan Olea - 3 dager siden
Ryan Pierce
Ryan Pierce - 3 dager siden
My duffel bag came in better quality than I thought it’d be. Thanks a lot boys. Keep her to bar. WOT
Birdhunter Inc.
Birdhunter Inc. - 3 dager siden
I never knew you guys were from bemidji
Gale Kids
Gale Kids - 3 dager siden
Little to hard on the bike but fun Lol
Mainely outdoors
Mainely outdoors - 3 dager siden
Ride the water sled on snow. Like if u agree
Dominic Bolsta
Dominic Bolsta - 3 dager siden
Where's bang and we miss him
Dominic Bolsta
Dominic Bolsta - 3 dager siden
We miss banging
Owen Gagnon
Owen Gagnon - 3 dager siden
More videos plz
Chase Ross
Chase Ross - 3 dager siden
Is the trik parts from bc racing?!
Ryan Ott
Ryan Ott - 3 dager siden
I vote lunchbox is the new shop mascot!
Ollie Mens
Ollie Mens - 3 dager siden
Please do a collab with braydon price
Grant M
Grant M - 3 dager siden
Haha "lunchbox??" Great job guys. Keep up the great work and love ur videos
Adrian - 3 dager siden
I’m just saying, that Kawasaki atv u bought a while back for $800, I mena if you want to contact and give me an atv cause I would love that atv to ride around my neighborhood plz😂
roberto moreno
roberto moreno - 3 dager siden
Race the Polaris scrambler with the yfz
Austin Castaneda
Austin Castaneda - 3 dager siden
The song is Tyson by Charles infamous
Logan Burnham
Logan Burnham - 3 dager siden
Yea boys you hit a mill
TbonesOutdoorAdventures - 3 dager siden
Miguel’s Mexican 🔥
Dyllan Borrowman
Dyllan Borrowman - 3 dager siden
Ok seriously I need this song what is it
Martin Boom
Martin Boom - 3 dager siden
When are Kens cybertruck coming?
Cody Cirigs
Cody Cirigs - 3 dager siden
i was going to enter but its a polars
Donovan Cota
Donovan Cota - 3 dager siden
The trike is gonna be so sick
Blaek Peters
Blaek Peters - 3 dager siden
U guys should try somehow put a snow bike kit on a street bike
Teddy Murray
Teddy Murray - 3 dager siden
Bring back ken’s “haha, that is awesome!”
Jayden Palmer
Jayden Palmer - 3 dager siden
lets see the trike bild
Josh Hurt
Josh Hurt - 3 dager siden
Hell yea imma have to get some
savage_gang _1049
savage_gang _1049 - 3 dager siden
I’m dead no look at me you understand 😂😂😂
Leo Sundin
Leo Sundin - 3 dager siden
It isn’t fun when you destroy stuff. Give it away instead
Paintball TSTS
Paintball TSTS - 3 dager siden
Love the vid I pay 300$ today
Bob Steepe
Bob Steepe - 3 dager siden
I bought the new youth hoody keep up the good work guys
Mady.986 42
Mady.986 42 - 3 dager siden
It’s just me or does anyone else love the cats name! Lunchbox💕
Lancmo - 3 dager siden
I have a utility quad and I’m always doing drifts, donuts and jumps
gage barchard
gage barchard - 3 dager siden
Hey guys been watching you guys since 200k... love the growth! Do you guys work full time a do this?
Joey - 3 dager siden
Hey was just looking trough Facebook marketplace and this guy in heartland Wisconsin is selling the rs1!
Mark Faild
Mark Faild - 3 dager siden
Connor Godin
Connor Godin - 3 dager siden
I like how ryan has no care about the jetski
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson - 3 dager siden
That is a good cat though . I hate most cats but he seems cool
Owen Lajambe
Owen Lajambe - 3 dager siden
Cboy’s need a banshee
Sigurd Klefstad
Sigurd Klefstad - 3 dager siden
Linus Öhman
Linus Öhman - 3 dager siden
On wheelies that little tracked bastard looks like Wall-E, haha!!
Andrew Shellock
Andrew Shellock - 3 dager siden
That’s a scrambler not a sportsman change the video title
Hondanumber9 - 3 dager siden
Trikes were outlawed because little kids got hurt on them. People thought that just because they were little and 3 wheeled that little kids could handle them.
Eli Bagley
Eli Bagley - 4 dager siden
What is that song
Eli Bagley
Eli Bagley - 4 dager siden
Eli Bagley
Eli Bagley - 4 dager siden
On the intro to yo mercy
Danny Auger
Danny Auger - 4 dager siden
Have a 250r trike and it still rocks everytime i ride. But i seen a company by the name bvc trikes i think and they make some kick ass three wheeler conversion kits. I can't wait to see the finished job on that 450 man.
John Brown
John Brown - 4 dager siden
Just take a look at his face when he smashed that window. He felt big and strong 💪💪🤣
FIB Life
FIB Life - 4 dager siden
Polaris couldnt even give up s 1k?
San Diego Shredder
San Diego Shredder - 4 dager siden
Peter Karcz
Peter Karcz - 4 dager siden
Let’s see a new shop tour!
Bryson Bennett
Bryson Bennett - 4 dager siden
ѕχƒтуッ FN
ѕχƒтуッ FN - 4 dager siden
Someone shoulda ride the jet ski when they where pulling it 😂
Full Sender16
Full Sender16 - 4 dager siden
Man why would Ben do that, he’s such a good dirt bike rider
Full Sender16
Full Sender16 - 4 dager siden
What’s the song?
Noah Castillo
Noah Castillo - 4 dager siden
Guys I just got the best idea I guys have to surprise Ryan with a new quad!!!!!!👏
Jaycob Crawford
Jaycob Crawford - 4 dager siden
Keep lunch box at the shop
camryn Barczewski
camryn Barczewski - 4 dager siden
you guy should put lunch box in the cargo box
Landon Henry .
Landon Henry . - 4 dager siden
When will you be doing the giveaway for the sled?
Trenton Doak
Trenton Doak - 4 dager siden
that cat look like my cat that is stting right next to me her name is midnight she is all black and is so spoild lol